How to make a huge LED

Have you ever held a huge LED, the size of a human fist? Of course not, because there are none. I will show how to make such an original little thing with my own hands. This LED LED will look exactly like its little brother, except that the brightness of its glow will be several times greater.

Will need

  • Plastic bottle.

  • The board is textolite, foil.

  • Thick wire.

  • A piece of LED strip.

  • 5-10 ohm resistor.

  • Epoxy resin with hardener.

Making a large LED

So, we will understand for a start what the LED consists of. The first is the two conclusions that go into the body of the LED. Two pads are seen below, one smaller is the anode, and the other larger is the cathode. At the cathode is a site with a reflector and a semiconductor crystal. Above all this there is a lens, which is a monolith with the body of the LED.

To begin with, we will make an imitation of a large semiconductor crystal with a reflector. We take the LED strip and solder the chip elements from it. If there is no hairdryer, heat it with a soldering iron.

From a piece of foil PCB we cut such a board.

We tear it and solder a chip of LEDs on it.

We also solder the contact and the quenching resistor.

Check by feeding. The crystal is ready.

For greater visual similarity, we cut out the cathode and anode from the PCB.

Elements are located at the bottom of the case.

We take a thick wire and make contacts from it. Solder them to the pads.

Then we smear the light module with hot glue and glue perpendicularly to the largest area - the cathode.

Solder the output to the board.

Next, we need to prepare an epoxy casting mold. For this purpose, we will use a plastic bottle.

Cut it in the middle and put the top on the bottom.

In the area of ​​the lid there is an empty area into which the epoxy will be poured. In order not to waste excess material, we fill the voids of the neck with foil.

Strictly according to the instructions, mix the hardener with resin and mix well.

We fix the insides with clerical clips so that they soar in the air. Pour the composition into the form.

We are waiting 24 hours. After drying, cut the bottle with a scalpel and remove parts of the bottle from the surface.

It turned out this:

We cut the foil with a mechanical tool and grind the surface irregularities.

Grind with fine sandpaper, blotting it in water. This will remove all the smallest scratches.

It's time to polish. Polishing paste can be obtained from motorists. In extreme cases, toothpaste is suitable.

We apply the paste and polish with a soft cloth to transparency.

Very similar to the original.


We serve food.

Shines great!

Shines in complete darkness.

Now you can surprise your friends.