Juicer from an old meat grinder

Many people have old manual meat grinders lying around in the forge - it’s a pity to throw it away, but it makes no sense to use it. There are several options for its "modernization", you don’t have to throw it away, the old thing can still be useful. We offer one of them - to make a juicer out of it.

What you need to have

In addition to the meat grinder itself, it is necessary to prepare a drill and a tap for threading M12, a sleeve with the same thread and an ordinary self-tapping screw to fix the meat grinder to the surface. If the sleeve has an M12 × 1 thread, then the diameter of the drill should be in the range of 10.95–11.0 mm, if the tap cuts the thread in increments of 1.25, then a drill with a diameter of 10.7–10.75 mm should be used. The hole is drilled with a drill, the tap is fixed in a special holder.

Manufacturing instruction

Disassemble the meat grinder: unscrew the large nut, remove the sieve, knife and feed auger. Remove the handle.

Marker for the hole below. If it is approximately 10 mm in diameter, then approximately 8 mm must be stepped back from the start of the thread. The distance is adjusted taking into account the dimensions of the sleeve, it should not cause problems during tightening the nut when assembling the meat grinder. We give approximate parameters, select the exact ones yourself depending on the characteristics of the parts.

In the lower part of the meat grinder body, drill a hole for the thread for the juice drain sleeve. The case is round, the drill constantly slides, be sure to well center the center of the hole. Cut a thread of the appropriate diameter with a tap. Work slowly, make back / forward movements, use grease. If it is not, then you can take any edible oil or lard.

Assemble the meat grinder: insert the auger, knife and sieve into the body, tighten the nut. Insert the sieve with the back side - the knife will not cut the fruit, the force of their compression will increase, respectively, more juice will be squeezed out.

Screw the threaded sleeve into the hole to drain the juice. Pay attention so that its end does not touch the screw; leave a gap of at least 2-3 mm.

The juicer is ready to use.

How to crush juice?

Unscrew the factory foot fixing bolt fully to the table.

Place the device on the edge of the table and firmly fix it with a self-tapping screw.

The heads of hardware have a small diameter and fall into the hole of the leg. Use a large diameter washer, it is well suited from special hardware for mounting a metal roof.

Peel the orange.

Place a container for collecting juice under the hole in the sleeve. Divide the orange into slices.

With one hand, hold the meat grinder by the throat and press on the orange slices, and with the other rotate the handle. Soon juice will begin to drip into the glass.

So that the pulp coming out through the sieve does not contaminate the table, ask the assistant to keep a bowl near it. In the same way, you can get juice from apples or other fruits and vegetables.