DIY Organic Fishing Lures

Probably every fishing enthusiast is faced with the choice of bait, which is better to take with you. I suggest you try a simple recipe for making homemade, organic and biodegradable bait, which I have been using for more than one year. Such a bait contains an enzyme, so it perfectly lures fish.

Essential Ingredients

Making baits requires the most common products, which are almost certainly in every home:

  • 150 grams of water.

  • 4 sachets of gelatin.

  • 3 capsules of fish oil.

I also add some food coloring, but this is not necessary at all.

Making bait

When all the ingredients are collected, you can start making bait.

3/4 cup of water is poured into a small saucepan or other metal container.

To extract fish oil from the capsule, I pierce it with a needle, and then squeeze it into the prepared water.

Water is put on a slow fire and slightly warmed up.

I fall asleep gelatin already in warm water, so it is easier to mix.

Important! During heating, the mixture is constantly mixed!

After obtaining a homogeneous liquid mass, I add dye to the tip of the knife, after which I mix everything well again.

Now is the time to pour the mass into molds.

Since this is not the first time I have been making such baits, I already have a ready-made form. It can be made very simply from building silicone itself.

After filling, I put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. When the mixture solidifies well, I take out the form, remove the finished bait, and then repeat the process again.

What materials can be used to fill molds?

As a mold for casting bait, you can use ordinary plastic tubules for cocktails.

The only problem with these forms is that liquid gelatin stems from them. I solved this problem as follows:

  • I cut the tubes in half to make a lot of low straw.

  • I connect them with an elastic band.

  • Pour warm gelatin mixture into a glass.

  • I insert the tubes there, they are filled with gelatin.

  • I put the glass in the refrigerator.

After gelatin hardens, I take the bait out of the tubes. Most often, the frozen pieces of gelatin pop out of the cocktail tubes easily (I push them with a thick needle), but some have to be cut to get the contents.

Advice! Keep ready-made lures in the refrigerator if they are not used for a long time.

I do not claim that the method I proposed allows you to get the best bait. Moreover, the process is rather tedious. But if you have small children, you can attract them - for them it will be a fun game to get gelatin worms.

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