Baked peppers for the winter

So the time has come for harvesting for the winter. Someone considers this occupation a waste of time and effort, while others, on the contrary, are the meaning of the season. But if you read this recipe, then you really need help. I personally love to cook baked peppers for the winter, as this is a ready-made solution in different everyday situations: uninvited guests, lack of time.


  • Bulgarian pepper, preferably small or medium size.

  • vegetable oil.

  • aspirin.

And also, cans and lids are needed, respectively. I recommend choosing banks with a volume of 0.700 liters, or 1.0 liters. This is the best option.

Cooking baked peppers for the winter

So, let's start the cooking process:

1. Thoroughly wash the peppers, dry them and fry them in vegetable oil.

2. Peel off the skin.

3. Then, in a small amount of oil, a little salt, fry on both sides.

4. Put it in jars. We mean that we put them in jars hot.

5. Add two aspirin tablets and carefully twist.

6. Wrap upside down cans for a day in a warm blanket.

That's all! Baked peppers are ready for the winter!