Powerful DIY blower

A very powerful blower that blows good airflow, which can easily blow any dust out of a computer system unit. Such high power is achieved by the optimal installation design, the use of a powerful and high-speed engine, and an energy-intensive battery from a screwdriver.

The blower can find a variety of applications in everyday life and in your workshop. I have already shown you one.

A big plus of it is mobility, since everything works without a network and anywhere.

The principle of operation of the turbine is centrifugal.

It will be required for manufacturing

  • Plexiglass.

  • PVC pipes: one large diameter, which is used for sewage. And one small diameter, as for water supply.

  • Powerful DC motor 775 series at 12 V, which can be bought on Ali Express.

  • Battery from a screwdriver.

  • Switch.

  • Seconds glue.

Powerful blower making

Cut the ring from a large pipe.

Put on a sheet of plexiglass and circle.

With a ballerina-type drill, cut two circles from plexiglass. Only not the same diameter, 2 cm more.

As a result, we got such a kit for assembling the case.

We mark both circles and on the indentations from the edge we drill holes somewhere around 0.5 cm.

In one of the round holes we drill a hole for the engine.

We cut a small piece of pipe. It will be an air intake.

Under it in the second round we drill a hole.

Try on for now.

Next, take a piece of PVC pipe with a length of 15-20 cm and cut it off with a round nozzle on one side to make a snug fit to the body ring.

Apply to the ring and circle.

In the ring we make a hole for the pipe. First, drill a round nozzle. And then with a file we give the shape of an oval, under the adjacent pipe.

Glue with super glue. This will be the air outlet.

We paint all the parts.

The housing is ready. We turn to the manufacture of the impeller.

To do this, cut out the round circles of smaller diameters from the canister.

Saw off the tube from the ballpoint pen body and glue it to the center of one circle with second glue.

In the second circle we make a hole for air intake.

We make blades from a PVC pipe. We cut the same thickness of the ring.

Cut into half circles.

The impeller assembly kit is ready.

But before proceeding with the assembly, in each blade we make a semicircular cut.

Glue the blades.

Glue the second circle on top.

Now we collect the entire turbine together. Remove the protective layer from Plexiglass. In one round we glue the air intake pipe.

On the other side we fasten the engine.


To put the impeller on the motor shaft, I used a braid from a cable of a suitable size.

I cut the desired length and put on the impeller.

Next, we assemble the entire body together.

We fix with long bolts with nuts.

So that everything rests on the battery of a screwdriver, I made such a stand and wood.


Solder the wires to the switch and to the motor.

We attach the switch to the stand with glue.

Powerful blower ready.


Turn on. Very powerful pressure. Any dust from the system unit is blown in two counts!

The main merit here is of course a 150 W high-speed engine.