Roasted Cheese

Smoked cheese is required for this dish. Due to its structure, it does not spread over the pan, does not lose shape and gives the dish a light smoked flavor.

If you make cheese sticks from hard varieties, then when breading you will need to use more flour, and dip in the egg twice. Then the "fur coat" around the cheese will turn out to be quite dense and not allow it to leak out.


  • smoked cheese - 200 g;

  • egg - 1 pc.;

  • loaf - 1 pc.

Fried cheese

In order for the frying process to take place without hiccups, first we prepare the crackers. This can be done even in a few days. To do this, cut the crust from a loaf cut into slices.

Cut them into small pieces. Such that it was convenient to put them in the blender bowl.

Grind. After this crumb, it is advisable to dry in the oven or in a dry frying pan. But if there is no time to prepare, fresh crumbs will do.

Using a fork, we transform a salted egg into a homogeneous mass.

Cut smoked cheese: thickness 1 cm., Length - no more than 6 cm.

Each cheese block is completely dipped in an egg.

Quickly, so that the egg does not have time to drain, roll the whetstone in the crumb, which was prepared in advance.

It remains our deep-fried cheese cubes.

Even crumbs from very fresh bread in hot oil will become crispy, which will give cheese sticks a unique character. True, it can also collect excess oil. But wipes will help to eliminate this defect. Or just leave the cheese sticks on a metal wire rack for a few minutes.