DIY interior door installation

To replace or install the interior door, it is not necessary to seek the help of a specialist, since even with basic construction skills and the ability to use the tool, you can do this work yourself.

Installation of the interior door

First you need to dismantle the old door. This is done with a hacksaw and mount. Saw one of the side holes with a hacksaw, then chop it with a mount.

If you have standard door openings, then you can easily buy a ready-made door of the right size. However, it happens, so in old private houses, openings may not be standard. Of course, you can buy a door to order, the sizes you need, but it will cost an order of magnitude more expensive, and if you want to change the door again in the future, you will have to order the right size again. It’s easier to adjust the doorway to the standard size of 70 or 80 cm you need. If the opening is wider, then it can be shortened with brickwork.

Buying a door, you can immediately purchase accessories (lock and awnings). Complete with a door there will be a loot and platbands. Installation of the door begins with the installation of a loot or door frame. Loot items are usually larger, so you will need to cut off the excess. At the edges of the long elements of the loot you need to break off the rail so that the top of the box fits into the groove of the bottom.

Next, measure the width of the door, and add 4-6 mm to it so that there is a gap between the frame and the door.

Then cut the desired length of the upper part of the loot. When measuring, use a tape measure and a square with a pencil to cut exactly 90 degrees. You can cut it with a hand saw, or a jigsaw with a thin file.

After that, connect the loot, securing it with screws. Before tightening the screw, drill a hole to avoid chips and cracks, especially if the door is wooden.

After you assemble the door frame, cut off the excess from the lower parts of the loot along the length of the door.

Next, you can begin to install the awnings. Here it is important to decide which way the door will open and secure the canopies accordingly. First screw the awnings to the door frame, stepping back from the edges of about 25 - 30 cm.

Then put the door into this box, installing special distributors, between the box and the door. They usually come with a door. Thanks to them, the gap between the door and the door will be uniform on all sides.

After that, you can screw the canopies to the door. Before tightening the screws, securing the canopies, be sure to drill a hole exactly in the middle of the canopy openings.

After the door is assembled, unscrew the canopies from the door to install a hole in the doorway. The door frame is installed on the mounting foam. However, before you start to blow the foam, fix the piece with wooden wedges. You can additionally fix the box with a profile by screwing one self-tapping screw into the box and the other into the wall.

When the door frame is exactly level, both horizontally and vertically, you can install the door by twisting the canopies to the bottom.

Next, you need to install the lock. As a rule, complete with the lock should be instructions for installing it. If you don’t need the door to be locked, you can use a regular lock with a handle, thanks to which the door will be opened by pressing the handle down. To do this, drill a hole with a pen drill, the diameter of which must correspond to the width of the mechanism that starts inside.

Here you must immediately determine what the level of the handle height will be, so that it is convenient for you. Then insert the lock inside. After that, measure the distance to the rotating mechanism on the lock, and transfer this size to the door. Now you can drill a hole into which the handle will be inserted. In the door frame with a pen drill, you need to drill holes in which the lock will fall.

In conclusion, you need to nail platbands to the edges of the door frame. They will also be longer than the door, so they must be carefully trimmed. Use a square to cut exactly 90 degrees. Next, nail platbands with small nails with a small hat to the door frame. If there are no such nails, then you can use ordinary nails, after having bitten off hats with pliers.