3 unusual homemade foil

Food grade aluminum foil is sold in almost every grocery store. Of course, we all know its main application. But there are other ways to tap into and use this interesting material. Here are three ideas below.

Will need

To do all three crafts you need:

  • Food foil.

  • Self-tapping steam.

  • Soldering iron.

  • LED Strip Light.

  • Pen with a transparent case.

  • A pair of nails.

  • The Krona battery and a large 1.5 V battery

Antistatic keychain

Oh, this is a very useful thing for those who constantly beat with static discharges. This happens mainly in winter, when the air is dry and static can calmly accumulate on you. If you need to touch anything metallic, an unpleasant discharge occurs. This can be avoided using a special spark gap - antistatic keychain. It is done in a couple of minutes.

We take out the paste with the cap from the handle.

We saw off a piece of the order of 3-4 centimeters from the body.

We insert the self-tapping screw on one side with the hat inward and glue it with exactly hot glue.

We roll up a not very dense but strong ball from the foil and insert it into the tube.

We glue on the other hand the same screw.

The keychain is ready!

Now to check the rub on the wool rubber ball. With your hand we hold the keychain for one self-tapping screw, and with the other we touch the object from which you need to drop the charge.

At this time, a foil ball starts to run from cap to cap inside the keychain. As soon as his movement is over, the charge is dropped.

Position sensor

Saw off from the same handle another piece of 3-4 centimeters.

Pour glue one of the sides tightly.

We insert a ball from foil. Then half insert two small cloves and fill with glue.

Until the glue has cooled and hardened, evenly distribute the nails so that they do not touch.

Now the ball inside can lock the nails. A kind of switch.

If you include such a sensor in an open circuit between the LED strip and the battery, someone will tilt the ball to close the circuit and the LED strip will glow.

Hand Warmer in 5 Seconds

If your hands are frozen, take a piece of foil and wrap it with a large 1.5 V battery (you can use a small one, but it will not last long).

Since you actually closed the poles of the element, the foil began to play the role of a load and began to generate heat. Now with this bundle you can warm your hands one by one.

As soon as you get warm - remove the foil from the batteries, it should be enough for a couple more times.