15 useful life hacks with WD-40

The VD-40 tool was developed to protect parts from corrosion. It has proven itself in all areas of application. At the same time, its manufacturers hide the composition of manufacture, even having refused a patent.

This does not prevent many craftsmen from carrying out a lot of different experiments with the VD-40, figuring out its additional qualities and features. It was thanks to them that a list of non-standard use appeared.

Custom Application Methods WD-40

1. Using the VD-40, you can unscrew the stuck nut without making serious efforts and not being afraid to damage the thread. To do this, spray the aerosol at the junction, and using the tools, loosen the nut.

2. This tool is great for removing a permanent marker from leather or vinyl upholstery. WD-40 is applied to a contaminated surface and then wiped with a soft cloth.

3. Also, this substance is able to remove traces of the black sole on the tile. The product is applied to the pollution and washed with a rag.

4. VD-40 perfectly removes traces of a pencil on the monitor, but do not put it on the surface itself. In this case, it is better to slightly moisten a rag, which then wipe the contaminated area.

5. If VD-40 is applied to the blades of scissors, this will significantly reduce their friction, which will immediately affect the quality of cutting. It will be easy to work with such a tool even for a few hours.

6. If you can’t remove the ring from your finger, then this tool will help to cope with this problem. It is applied under the decoration to the skin, which creates a slip that allows you to tighten the product. However, immediately after this, you need to wash your hands under running water using soap.

7. Glass glasses inserted one into the other are very difficult to separate. Even with a successful attempt, scuffs and scratches may remain on them. If VD-40 is added to the place of their connection, then removing one glass from another will be easy and without damage.

8. When you remove the price tag or barcode from a hard surface, it often remains the remains of glue and paper that are difficult to remove. Using this tool, you will get rid of all traces of the shortcut.

9. If you are using non-molecular glue, which as a result of work has got on the watch glass or other solid object, then there is a chance to quickly remove it without damaging the surface. For this, VD-40 is applied to it, which together with the glue itself is removed with a soft rag.

10. Gum trampled on a fleecy carpet is very difficult to remove even mechanically. However, using the VD-40, this can be done in a matter of minutes.

This tool also copes well with dirt from ketchup, if it got on the carpet. It should be remembered that after using it, you need to use the usual cleaning composition for household purposes.

11. If the VD-40 is sprayed onto a zipper, the slider will move along it more easily, since friction is significantly reduced. This will help to close the tightly packed bag and temporarily eliminate the defect of such fasteners.

12. Try lubricating the WD-40 skis. You will immediately see that their level of slip will increase significantly.

13. By applying this product to shoes, you protect it from the effects of water and dirt. This method is perfect in bad weather and can be combined with almost any material.

14. The cotton wool soaked in the VD-40 will burn even if it is put in a wet place. At the same time, this composition is also used to kindle already wet objects, allowing them to burn even in the rain.

15. VD-40 helps get rid of insects. It is sprayed directly to their habitat.