Alarm key fob repair

One of the reasons why the electronic key to your car may not work is the wear of the electrically conductive coating of the rubber buttons. This problem is typical for all models of trinkets, but, fortunately, is removable. I want to share my experience as I solved this issue.

Essential tool

In order to restore the ability of rubber buttons to close contacts, the following materials and tools will be required:

  • Aluminium foil.

  • A small amount of glue.

  • Hole puncher.

Trinket repair

First you need to carefully disassemble the key body. Most often, it is assembled on latches that open with a knife.

The next step is the mechanical cleaning of the rubber buttons on the reverse side from possible dirt and residues from the previous metallized coating. I also recommend degreasing the buttons after cleaning them with a small amount of alcohol (it is better not to use gasoline for rubber products).

Now, with the help of a hole punch, you need to make the number of aluminum points necessary for repair, which will act as contacts.

I used superglue to stick the dots to the rubber buttons, but such a stiff connection became unusable after a few weeks, so I used elastic rubber glue to repair it again. It dries longer, but the adhesive joint is elastic, therefore more resistant to pressure. After this repair, I have been using the key fob for several months, there are no complaints yet.

That's all the tricks of the repair, I hope my experience will help you solve a similar problem and restore the electronic key to your car.

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