How to make Besterless matches

These matches are ignited on almost any surface, without a special grater at the end of the matchbox. It is very convenient, and sometimes just necessary for fishing, camping or hunting.

What is required

You will need the following materials and accessories:

  • Matches and several matchboxes.

  • Sandpaper.

  • Small container and stir stick.

  • A little water and a dropper.

  • Pliers.

  • A small plastic, wooden or metal tube.

  • Some kind of surface for drying matches (I used a CD box).

Making matchless matches

Using sandpaper, red phosphorus is removed from the ends of the matchboxes.

The resulting powder is placed in a container for further manipulation.

A few drops of water are added to the phosphorus dust and thoroughly mixed until a liquid slurry is obtained.

Then the sulfur heads of the matches are dipped one after another into the resulting mixture.

Processed matches are laid out in one row and left in a warm place to dry.

While the matches are drying, another mixture is prepared for reprocessing the match heads. To prepare it, proceed as follows:

  • Sulfur from several new (untreated) matches is removed using pliers.

  • Sulfur is rolled into a fine powder.

  • Sulfur powder is placed in a container, a few drops of water are added to it and mixed.

Dried matches are dipped in sulfur gruel and laid out again for drying.

Important! After each operation, you need to wash your hands thoroughly, since liquid phosphorus or sulfur that has fallen on the skin can cause serious burns.

Matchstick test

Fully dried matches should ignite when rubbing against almost any rough surface.

Lights up and burns just fine!