Homemade Boxing Bag

In a professional boxing training room, you can find dozens of varieties of boxing bags and pears that are necessary to develop the strength and technique of kicking or kicking.

Professional bags cost a lot of money. Any man who has the initial skills of working with a hand tool is able to make a gift to himself or his son in the form of an excellent, durable boxing bag.

Each house has a ton of old unnecessary things, for example, rugs and shabby clothes. Any spouse will be happy if the husband helps to dispose of these things. This is a double benefit from a good-quality thing done by yourself.

Will need

To make a boxing bag you will need:

  • dense durable old synthetics mats (1.2 mx 2.5 m) - 2 pcs.;

  • a piece of round wooden logs with a diameter of 140-160 mm, a height of 60-70 mm - 1 pc.;

  • any old summer clothes - 10-12 kg;

  • nails 70 mm - 8-10 pcs.;

  • steel cable in polypropylene insulation, diameter 1.0-1.5 mm - 1 m;

  • packing adhesive tape, scotch tape - 2 skeins;

  • black strong adhesive tape, 50 mm wide - 1 skein;

  • galvanized steel small chain - 1.8 m;

  • screw-ring or screw-hook for Tech-Krep chains, 6.0X60 - 3 pcs.;

  • carbines - 4 pcs.;

  • large carabiner clasp - 1 pc.;

  • universal glue.

Boxing Bag Making

At the first stage, you need to prepare raw materials. Any piece of wood can be used for a piece of log, but preferably not prickly. For our conditions, birch is perfect.

After sawing a piece of log, we spread old mats on a flat surface, face up. We try to place them one above the other.

We begin to fold the rugs into a “cigar”.

From one end we immediately put our wooden part.

It needs to be drowned a little inside the future bag for training. We nail both rugs to the forming stub.

Trying not to allow voids and pockets as tight as possible, we fold the rugs and the embedded part into a single cylinder. After each turn we fix the rugs on the nail.

Additionally, we fix the winding from the rugs to the side of our wooden cork with a few nails. Hammer at least 6 nails, evenly distributing them along the circumference of the bag. We remove the extra thread. We received a cylindrical container sealed from one end. Now it can be stuffed with old clothes.

We stuff clothes in a bag. We use a tamper (baseball bat, shovel handle) to densely fill the bag.

Stuffing must be done carefully and gradually. If excessive force is used, a wooden plug may fly out from the impact of the tamper.

Sew the open end of the bag with a cable (make holes in the rugs with an awl and stretch the cable). We tighten the end face to the nodes.

Wrap the bag with packing tape. We wrap the ends of the bag with pieces of tape, and wrap the main surface with an overlap. We cut access to a wooden stub.

We screw 3 screw-hooks into the wooden plug for glue at an angle of 120 degrees, at a distance of 2-3 cm from the edge of the plug.

We finish the winding of the boxing bag with a strong black tape 50 mm wide.

The ends are covered with pieces of tape, and the main generatrix is ​​covered by rotating the bag (in a horizontal position) and laying the tape with an overlap. We cut openings for access to hooks.

We divide the chain into three parts of 60 cm. Using carabiners, we attach the ends of the chains to the hooks.

The upper parts of the chains are connected to a common carbine. A large carabiner fastener is attached to it, with the help of which our boxing bag is suspended on any crossbar or hook.

A homemade boxing bag is ready to take punches.