We cut potatoes in a spiral with an ordinary knife in a matter of seconds

All real housewives always want to please their home with some unusual dish. Potatoes spiral baked in the oven or deep-fried just help to do this. The dish is incredibly simple, very tasty and with only one ingredient, which is definitely in every home.

But here a problem arises, because to cut potatoes into a spiral you need a special device for slicing.

No problem. Now you will see a way to cut any vegetable into a spiral with an ordinary knife, and even faster than using the device!

Will need

  • Two kitchen boards, one larger the other smaller. Well, in principle, you can do one if you cut it on the table.

  • Kitchen knife.

Cut the potatoes into a spiral with a knife

Either on a large board, or simply put on a table a small cutting board. It should have a thickness of more than 0.5 cm, since it will play the role of a limiter.

We put the potatoes next to the board and cut it perpendicular to the board into frequent, thin plates. The knife moves parallel to the table and is not brought to the end, as it rests on the board. In general, the slices are not cut to the end, there is a cutting into an accordion.

Then, after one side has been completely chopped, turn the potato 180 degrees. And also cut from the other side, but only a little obliquely, about 30 degrees. Therefore, cuts from different sides will not meet and the fetus will not fall apart in half.

When the second side is sliced, the potatoes can be stretched.

That’s the whole secret. One fruit took less than a minute. Next, take the next one and repeat until we chop the desired amount.

Now the spirals can be salted, add your favorite spices, greased with vegetable oil and sent to the oven. Or, as already mentioned, deep-fry. And it will be awesome if you put them on skewers and fry them on the grill.

Often please and surprise your family and friends! Bye everyone!