How to extend the life of the washing machine

Everyone knows that a washing machine, like any device, has its own service life. But, in most cases, the washing machine fails, and not having served its due date, at least the one indicated in its technical passport. The reason for this can be anything: local water, careless attitude, intensive use - which led to the premature development of the resource of its parts, or an elementary surge in voltage ... Today I want to give some tips that will help extend the life of your washing machine.

Will need

  • Rag.

  • Crosshead screwdriver.

  • Citric acid (food or culinary).

  • Flashlight.

Simple actions that significantly extend the life of your washing machine

Let's start with the most common breakdown. Very many owners of washing machines more often than other failures are faced with such as the machine stops squeezing dirty water. A certain washing cycle takes place and as soon as it comes to draining dirty water; the machine gets up. This is the fault of the pump pump, responsible for pumping dirty water. The failure of this small pump-action pump is the most common breakdown in any washing machine. It is most quickly subject to wear and further failure of the rest of the machine. This is how it looks:

To purchase a new pump-pump (in any workshop of household appliances) and replace it yourself will not be difficult. He keeps in the washing machine on three cross screws.

All household washing machines are the same. The phase and minus contacts on it (when connected) do not matter - it will still spin only in one direction. It is impossible to make a mistake. I already twice changed the pump-pump in my washing machine this way, for its 14-year (and so far good!) Service life. So, in order to avoid the aforementioned breakdown, it is necessary to change the pump pump at least once every five years, without waiting for the entire machine to stand up.

The second problem is scale. Calgon, and other advertised remedies for this, do not help. All these funds help only those who produce, advertise and sell them ... Get rich! And in order to remove the scum from the heating element and the drum of the washing machine, a twenty-gram package of citric acid, which can be purchased at any store, is enough. And not costly and efficiently. You just need to pour granular citric acid into the powder compartment (one package) and drive the machine once in a single wash (without laundry) at a temperature of 60-90 degrees Celsius.

Repeat this procedure once every two months.

Well, of course, do not forget about the usual care. Do not close the door of the washing machine completely, leaving a small space for ventilation.

Do not be lazy to inspect and wipe the rubber cuff around the door after each wash - garbage, buttons and coins can accumulate there.

It is also sometimes necessary to check the filter, which stands on the water supply to the machine - there is a small mesh, which from time to time becomes clogged with small particles of sand.

You also need to check the drain hose - if it is clogged with anything. To do this, you can simply blow it into a layer of several layers of pre-folded clean fabric in several layers. If it turns out to be clogged with something, remove it, and using a wire with a cloth wound around its end, carefully clean the hose. Well and most importantly - do not forget to check the drain filter after each wash. Anything can be there! Everything that you forgot to remove from your pockets before washing. It is necessary to remove all these little things from the drain filter so that during the next wash they will not damage the pump pump blades. This drain filter is located at the bottom of the machine and has a small door. Having opened the door, we unscrew the filter cover by hand.

Having unscrewed the filter cover, the remains of dirty water will be poured out of the small sump inside and after that you can remove everything there: buttons, coins, etc. ... And, of course, do not forget to disconnect the washing machine from the mains, after washing .

Observing these simple rules, you will extend the life of your washing machine in one and a half, or even twice.