Super fast microwave breakfast in 2 minutes

It’s just a cosmos fast breakfast, besides tasty, healthy and natural. Minimum products, maximum cooking time with heat treatment no more than 5 minutes.

You still think that making a sandwich is faster, but have not yet tried to make this dish. A hot appetizer will be ready in no time. With its aroma, it will finally awaken the sleepyhead in you and improve your mood.

Will need

  • One tomato.

  • One egg.

  • A piece of cheese.

  • Greenery.

  • Salt and / or any seasoning to taste.

Cooking super fast and healthy breakfast.

Cut off the top of the tomato.

With the same knife or false remove the core, flesh.

Break the egg into the resulting depression. Moreover, it is not so important: the yolk is mixed with protein or not.

Add salt and add your favorite seasonings if desired.

Put grated cheese on top of all this. But here it’s not necessary to rub, you can just put a piece of cheese, and he will spread out.

We put in the microwave for 2 minutes at maximum power.

Super fast breakfast is ready!

You can make several servings on one plate and feed the whole family with an absolutely healthy breakfast only from natural ingredients.

Save the recipe so you can try it again tomorrow morning.

Enjoy your friends and bon appetit!

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