Quick and easy rain canopy

When going to nature, you do not always have to rely on good weather. An ordinary tent is able to protect from rain and sun, but it will not save from it a barbecue with barbecue and the entire surrounding area. The tarpaulin canopy will do the job best. To simplify installation, we suggest using the following solution.

We stretch one rope between two trees at a height of 3-4 meters with two 30-centimeter loops for attaching the canvas. Throw a tarp on it, unrolling it diagonally. We fix the two opposite hanging corners using stretch marks. The installation of such a canopy will take no more than 10 minutes.

Solution Benefits

The main plus is the maximum simplicity of design and the ability to quickly install. But this is not all the merits of the solution, we note some of them:

  • Only 3 ropes and a canvas sheet of any size will be required.

  • The gable form does not create conditions for the accumulation of water, which merges at only two points.

  • The possibility of using panels of any size, including large ones.

With all this, you do not clutter up the site with pillars, which makes it more convenient for relaxation.

How to make such a canopy on the beach

In this case, you will need one or two pillars. The easiest way to make them out of a steel pipe with a diameter of three quarters of an inch. So that such a support can be transported in the trunk, we make it collapsible from segments 1.2–1.5 meters long. As a connecting element we use two bolts 16 mm in diameter welded by heads. An ordinary stud of the same cross section with a nut screwed onto it will do. In order for the connector to fit tightly into the pipe, you can wrap it with several layers of electrical tape. To make it easier to fix the rope on the pole, we insert a similar adapter from the bolts with a diameter of 10 and 16 mm into the upper part.

Some useful tips

For such a canopy, it is not necessary to use a large cloth; it will be difficult to pull it in the forest. In cramped conditions, it is quite possible to take one or two small pieces of tarpaulin to cover only those areas that you need. If you nevertheless decided to use a large-sized canvas, for the central support you will need a thicker rope that can withstand the load.

To speed up the assembly, the ropes can be left tied to the panel, especially in those cases when you will be attached to poles, not trees. Before assembling, it is worth tying the ropes to the supports and installing them so that there is not much sag.

A canvas canvas can be twisted along the central rope to select its most convenient position. We advise you to pre-spread it on the ground and figure out how to manage to close the maximum area of ​​the site.

How to tie a rope at a height

It is not necessary to climb 3-4 meters high to fix the central rope on the tree. You can simply attach a stone or any stick to the string and throw it over the branch at the required height. And you can tie a knot at a level convenient for you. If there are no suitable branches, then the rope is simply wrapped several times around the trunk, and fixed, for example, using a boat oar. By the way, with such a paddle with a T-shaped handle it will be convenient to remove the rope from the branch when disassembling the canopy.