How to fry fresh crucian carp in a pan

This recipe is for those who love fresh river fish. If you cook it correctly, you get a delicious fish with a crispy golden crust. For frying, it is better to take crucian carp up to 20 cm in size. Thus, it will completely fit in a pan and fry well. The fish will turn out tastier if it is fresh or alive. Such a dish is easy to prepare, every fisherman and young housewife will cope with it. It will take very little time to cook it.


To fry crucians you will need:

  • fresh crucian carp - 3 pieces.

  • flour - 100 g.

  • oil for frying fish - 140 ml.

  • greens - a few twigs.

  • salt - 20 g.

How to fry crucian, step by step cooking

A simple and quick recipe for cooking fish without any overseas frills, the ingredients are available to everyone.

1. Remove the scales from the fish, starting from the tail and moving gradually towards the head.

2. Gently cut the abdomen so as not to pierce the gallbladder with a knife and take out the insides. If we fry the fish with the head, then we cut out the gills. We wash the carcass from the outside and inside the abdomen. Be sure to remove the black film from the inner wall of the abdomen.

3. In order for the crucian carp to be well fried, we make shallow cuts on the sides of the carcass. Then we rub them on all sides with salt. Leave for 5 minutes, so that the meat is well salted.

4. Pour flour into a plate and roll the fish in it.

5. In a pan, heat the oil and spread the prepared crucians. Fry for about 5 minutes until a brown crust forms.

6. Turn over and continue to fry the same amount on the other side.

7. When the crucian is cooked, put it on a plate, add greens and serve.

Fried crucians will please their loved ones and guests with their appearance and unusual taste. I just love this fish. The recipe, you see, is very simple and relatively quick. I use it only and do not need another. Bon appetit, friends!