Light crispy fries

Delicious food is often harmful. The king of fast food, a popular french fries, belongs to it. Nutritionists and doctors strongly object to this dish. It's all about the fat in which the potatoes are fried. He adds potatoes not only calories, but carcinogens - substances that have dangerous properties that can cause the development of cancer.

Is there a way to cook potatoes so that it is tasty and safe for health? Yes, if you completely abandon the use of boiling oil, and bake the dish in the oven. French fries to your taste will be more tender and light than fried in oil. In addition, it will retain all the useful minerals, including potassium, rich in vitamin C. It has been tested in practice that when baked, potatoes lose only 17% of the initial amount of this vitamin. The secret to the taste of this recipe is to use suitable spices. Paprika and garlic make it special and increase its benefits.


To make light french fries you will need:

  • three potatoes:

  • paprika;

  • dried ground garlic;

  • lemon;

  • vegetable oil;

  • salt.

Keep in mind that three potatoes is the minimum quantity calculated for 1-2 servings. Olive oil is also suitable. Salt is better to choose "delicious" - with useful additives.

Cooking french fries in the oven

Peel the potatoes.

Cut potatoes into longitudinal slices.

Add vegetable oil. Add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil to the chopped potatoes and mix.

Sprinkle potatoes with paprika. Sprinkle the potatoes generously with paprika and taste dry ground garlic. Recall that paprika is ground red peppers of different varieties. "Indian red salt" brought to Europe Columbus along with other spices. Its taste depends on the variety of pepper. The severity of the taste of paprika depends on the amount of seeds that I leave during processing. In sweet paprika, all seeds are removed. One of its main components is red bell pepper. Calorie seasoning is very low - one tablespoon contains only 19 kcal, but you can not count the useful properties. Paprika is an antioxidant, boosts immunity, burns fat, is a prophylactic against blood clots, oncological diseases, tones the body, has analgesic, regenerating, antibacterial properties. It goes well with potatoes. Sprinkle the potatoes with dry ground garlic on top of the paprika. It is slightly inferior to the fresh one in terms of benefits, but it also has advantages: you won’t have to worry that it will smell bad from your mouth.

Sprinkle potatoes with salt. Place the prepared potatoes on a baking sheet, pre-lubricating it with sunflower oil. If the pan does not have non-stick properties, it is better to play it safe and place special baking paper or a layer of foil on it. Sprinkle potatoes with salt and send to the oven at an average temperature of 30 or 40 minutes.

Turn the potatoes over. After about 25 minutes, when the potato is covered with a soft golden crust, carefully remove the pan and turn it over with a wooden spatula. Sent to the oven for another 5 - 7 minutes until fully cooked.

Everything is ready! We take out the potatoes, put it on a plate. Light french fries are much tastier and healthier than fast food - you will see for yourself. Sprinkle with fresh dill, add fresh vegetables or salad, slices of soft cheese. Time to taste the potatoes - yummy!