Nodya is the longest burning bonfire

Overnight fishing, hunting or hiking in the winter can negatively affect your health if you do not take care of warm clothing and a good source of heat. A winter tent with a stove saves you from the cold. But if such accessories are absent, the hope remains only on a hot bonfire. One of the best ways to keep warm on long winter nights is Nodya, and you can organize such a heat source quickly enough.

Comparing several types of bonfires, it is impossible not to note the duration of burning Nodya. Thick logs radiate heat all night, and a large smoldering area allows you to well heat the place where you spend the night. A heat-reflecting tent mounted at an angle makes Nodia the warmest and long-playing bonfire that does not require constant attention and putting firewood on.

How to make a fire Nodia

The greatest difficulty in organizing Nodya is the preparation of firewood. In order for the bonfire to burn all night, it is necessary to use thick tree trunks. Heating of lying people is possible in the presence of fuel of the appropriate length so that the heat is distributed evenly.

We took two logs 3 meters long and more than 30 cm in diameter. Now we need to prepare them. We take an ax and cut down the plane from each log. We do not throw out chips, we will use it for kindling.

We drive a wedge or two near the first log so that the logs that need to be stacked on top of each other do not roll.

On top of the first log, put two sticks on the sides perpendicular to the log. And on top of the second log with a hewn surface down. Thanks to our refinement, the logs will not roll anywhere. In the resulting groove, we impose the cut wood chips. We set fire in several places.

If the wedges cannot be reliably driven into frozen ground, then they must be supported.

After 12 hours of continuous burning.

Further, everything was extinguished.

The fire would easily burn out for another 2-3 hours, and maybe more. As a result, we can say for sure that it would have been enough for 15 hours of continuous burning!

Advantages and disadvantages of Nodya

When constructing Nodya, attention must be paid to the quality of the wood. The material should be dry, without rot and damp places. Otherwise, the fire will be uneven, and there will be little heat from it. Given these requirements, Nodia has obvious advantages over other types of bonfire:

  • Such a source of flame is able to warm the resting place even in the most severe frost.

  • It is enough for a person to prepare logs once and to kindle a steady flame. Further intervention and tossing firewood is not required.

  • One of the main advantages is the ability to self-regulation. Depending on the degree of burning of wood, the fire smolders weaker, then stronger, giving the person the necessary heat.

The main disadvantage of this design is the need for harvesting wood of large length and diameter. Otherwise, the fire will burn out quickly. But if there are no problems with logs, Nodya is considered one of the best options for a source of heat and comfortable rest in the cold season.