Two simple recipes for frying white fish

Any kind of fish is suitable for implementing the plan. I chose the easiest option. First, fillet of sea bass with virtually no bones. Secondly, it’s flat, which does not create any difficulties when frying, you don’t need to worry that the middle or sides will remain raw.

In addition, you can correct both recipes in your own way and taste. This applies, for example, to various varieties of pepper, onion, and herbs. They can become full members of the grocery list.


as necessary, vegetable oil, flour, salt.

For 2 recipes you will need all the same + one (two) eggs.

How and what to do:

Before using any cooking method, be sure to do the following:

  • I’ll wash the fish;

  • only then cut it in portions;

  • evenly salt the pieces on all sides;

  • I will heat the pan with oil.

The easiest frying in flour

After these manipulations, to execute the first version, while the pan is heating up, I will send the fish to flour.

Before frying it, I will get rid of the excess white assistant. That's all the subtleties of cooking, thanks to which the fish will receive a golden tender crust.


To implement the second plan, before breaking the fish in flour, I will break the eggs in a separate bowl.

Beat them up.

I nourish the fillet pieces with the egg mixture.

Then I will hold them in weight so that there is no sorting with the liquid.

I'll throw it out in flour, I crush its overabundance.

And fry the fish to a ruddy appetizing shade.

There is always a little egg mass. From it you can cook scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, add it to other dishes. I’m doing even easier.

I fill it with the last pieces left in the pan.

So, ingenuity and a thirst for experimentation always help to find something new, to build something from the usual dish with a “twist”.

And so what will be more to the taste of my domestic gluttony, I will check in practice!