How to fry smelt fish quickly and tasty

Smelt is a medium-sized fish with an unusually strong smell of fresh cucumbers. Despite the fact that it is caught on an industrial scale, it remains a favorite type of winter amateur fishing.

If good luck smiled at the fisherman and a decent catch of smelt came across his stick, the makhalka, then it can be deliciously and quickly fried. Many fishermen grill the smelt catch right on the shore, the recipe for grilled smelt below is very simple, it allows you to fry fish both on the seashore and at home.


To cook fried smelt you need:

  • naturally smelt itself - 1 kg;

  • flour - 100 g;

  • salt to taste;

  • sunflower oil, refined, odorless - 50-60 ml;

  • ground pepper - to taste.

Of course fish, not cheap, but incredibly tasty. Also, its price greatly depends on the season and the amount of fishing, and naturally on the place of your residence. If you get into the catch season, you can buy a fish at the best price.

Fry smelt quickly and tasty

1. If the smelt size is not more than 10-11 cm, then it can not be cleaned, and large specimens should preferably be freed from part of the insides. To do this, you need to take the fish by the gills and gently pull them. Everything that extends along with the gills needs to be thrown out. Cutting the abdomen is not worth it, because there are delicious caviar inside many smelt.

2. Wash, dry, salt and pepper the fish to taste. You can use other seasonings for fish, but as practice shows, pepper and salt are enough for a rich taste.

3. Put the frying pan on the stove, pour oil and heat to a frying temperature. After warming up we reduce the fire. Roll each fish in flour on each side.

4. Shake off excess flour and put in a frying pan with hot oil.

5. After 5-6 minutes, turn the smelt on the other side and fry for about 5-6 minutes.

Serve the cooked fried smelt immediately after cooking.

Very tasty, almost a delicacy, I love this fish. Smelt comes under the potato with a bang. Bon Appetit!

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