How to peel a lot of garlic in a couple of seconds

Work in the kitchen can be significantly reduced if you have certain skills in preparing various products. Many tasks can be completed faster instead of acting routinely with traditional methods. I propose to consider 3 ways, using which you can peel garlic, giving it a matter of seconds.

Cleaning the wedges with a knife

I consider this method to be the simplest and most convenient, since you do not need to dirty your kitchen equipment. It is used if it is necessary to peel only one clove of garlic. It is laid on a table or cutting board, and a wide kitchen knife is flat on top of it.

You need to sharply push it with your palm until the crack is characteristic. From the created pressure, the husk will crack and come off the wedge.

Cleaning the slices in a jar with a lid

This method is used when garlic is needed more than a clove. An ordinary glass jar with a lid is taken, for example, from sauce, mustard or tomato paste. One or several cloves of garlic are placed in it.

The can closes and shakes violently. After shaking for several seconds through the glass, it is clear that the husk has finally receded. If it doesn’t work, then you need to shake it again. It is important to shake sharply, this does not harm the slices. If there is no jar, then a shaker will do, but then it will smell like garlic.

Head cleaning

This method is already heavy artillery, since it allows you to prepare all the slices from a whole head of garlic at once in 10-20 seconds. To do this, you need a metal, not heavy pan with a lid. The head of garlic is laid on the table, after which you need to push with your palm, resting your whole body on its sidewall.

From pressure, it will break up into separate segments. All of them are poured into the pan and covered with a lid.

After that, it remains just to shake the contents roughly, holding the lid so that it does not fly off.

You can count to yourself 10 and check readiness. Some varieties of garlic are very stable, therefore, require a longer treatment. You can even clean 2 heads in one load.

Of course, the proposed methods will save just a few minutes, but in aggregate, if you can quickly work with other products, cooking dinner is quite possible to reduce by half an hour. The time thus made is much nicer to devote to more interesting occupations.