Home Thermostat Yogurt

Plums fell out of sight of yogurt producers, giving way to exotic fruit. The lack of variety in the store assortment can be compensated by preparing homemade plum-flavored yogurt. The easiest way is to get ready-made plum jam from the shelf and mix it with solidifying yogurt. But not all are stocked in large quantities of jams, and fresh plums are present in supermarkets year-round. A handful of plums will quickly turn into a fragrant homogeneous mass. "Quick" fresh jam does not have time to lose the sweet "nectar" smell, plum yogurt will be truly fruity.


  • milk - 1.5 l

  • sourdough for yogurt - 0.5 g,

  • plums - 200 g

  • sugar - 100 g

  • vanilla sugar - 1 tsp.

The sequence of preparation of thermostatic yogurt:

1. Even very ripe plums remain sweet and sour, so they are combined with sugar in a ratio of 2: 1. Plums are weighed together with the seeds.

2. Plums are washed. Fruits may be soft, but fruits with sprawling pulp should be avoided.

3. Cut plums, take out the bones.

4. Plum halves are mixed with vanilla and regular sugar.

5. Grind the pulp with a blender.

6. Plum jam is boiled for 12-15 minutes. The mass will become dark and thick. The fire should be minimal so that the jam does not stick to the bottom of the pan.

7. A little plum jam is poured into each jar of yogurt. Milk is added when the jam reaches room temperature.

8. It will take a half pack of pasteurized milk, fat content - 3.2%. Milk is heated, but not boiled.

9. Ferment retains its properties if the temperature of milk does not exceed 40 degrees. You can dissolve the starter in cold milk, but then the yogurt will be ready only after 11 hours. When the powder is dissolved in warm milk, yogurt will get the proper consistency after 8 hours.

10. Milk is stirred. Once all the grains have dissolved in the liquid, the milk is poured into portioned yogurt cans. Plum jam forms a “bottom layer” that does not mix with milk.

11. The jars are transferred to a yogurt maker, covered with a cap, left for 8 hours.

12. Before serving, mix the yoghurt in jars. Plum jam is evenly distributed.

13. Freshly made yogurt will be tender, its texture is close to a “drinkable” store product. If you like thick yogurt that looks like bazaar sour cream, then you need to give it time to “ripen”. Jars are taken from the yogurt maker and refrigerated. In a day, its density will double.

14. From the first spoon, the plum flavor will be felt even in those jars of yogurt in which the plum layer lies at the bottom and does not mix with the fermented milk layer.