Salted lard, with spicy layers and garlic

Fat is an amazing and truly folk product, which cannot be treated indifferently. He is either adored or completely rejected because of an apparent threat to recover and gain extra pounds. But this point of view, according to the latest scientific data, is completely wrong! A person can afford a small piece of fat per day absolutely painlessly and even with great benefit to his beloved.

As it turned out, fat contains valuable organic fatty acids that are not found in plant foods. And if fat is not abused, the amount of cholesterol will not be so critical, but with it you will get the necessary portion of lecithin, selenium and other important vitamins.

Salted lard is ideal not only for lunch - to hot red borsch and donuts, but also as an appetizer for strong drinks. Due to the fact that fat quickly envelops the walls of the stomach, a person becomes more resistant to intoxication and a severe hangover.

Together with us we offer you to try the most interesting recipe for salting bacon, with two fragrant spicy layers of garlic and spices!


  • - fat - 0.6-1 kg;

  • - salt - 1 cup;

  • - ground dried basil - 2 tbsp;

  • - ground sweet paprika - 2 tbsp .;

  • - garlic - 1 head (6-8 cloves);

  • - vegetable oil - 2 tsp

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Servings: 15-20

The recipe for salted lard:

1. For spicy layers, peel a large head of garlic, divide the garlic cloves into two equal portions, and each pass through a press into a separate dish. Each layer has its own portion of garlic gruel.

2. Pour spices into each serving of garlic: dried basil in the first bowl, and paprika in the second. Basil can be replaced with any other spice or seasoning of green color - very tasty with hops-suneli, oregano or thyme. For finer particles, simply grind aromatic herbs in a coffee grinder.

3. Pour 1 tsp into each bowl. salt and pour 1 tsp. vegetable oil. Salt will help garlic to drain juice, and oil will allow spices to open as much as possible. If you salt a very small piece of fat, take less salt so that it subsequently does not crunch on your teeth.

4. Now we mix everything and let stand for a while, so that the salt crystals dissolve.

5. For salting, we select an oblong slice of fresh lard, possibly with a small layer of meat. We are preparing the first “pocket” for the red layer of paprika. We make an incision, moving 1-1.5 cm from the bottom from the edge (depending on the thickness), without cutting the piece to the end. You will get a U-turn by analogy with a book.

6. In the resulting spread, distribute the contents of the bowl with garlic and paprika in an even thin layer. After all the garlic-spicy mass is decomposed, the "turn" is closed.

7. Now we turn over a piece of fat and, retreating this time from above 1-1.5 cm, make the exact same cut and again do not cut the piece to the end, leave 1-2 centimeters from the edge. In the second "pocket" we put the garlic-basil mass.

8. Squeeze the fat well on all sides so that the cuts do not open (you can even fix it with threads) and put it in a tray where it will be necessary to sprinkle it or wipe it with salt on all sides.

9. Then tighten a piece of bacon with salt with cling film and leave it in this form for 1-2 days for spilling at room temperature. When the lard is salted, you can gently shake off the salt and put the lard in the refrigerator or in the freezer for storage and use. We cut into thin slices and enjoy the whole flavor range ...

Salted lard with spicy layers and garlic is ready!

Bon Appetit!