Mushroom on a Christmas tree made of cotton

There is very little left before the New Year, and it's time to think about how to decorate the Christmas tree. Many of us are already tired of buying monotonous Christmas decorations in stores and want individuality. It is easy to make a forest beauty unique if you recall the old traditions. Our ancestors did not have the opportunity to buy glass balls, cones, icicles and made toys for the Christmas tree with their own hands. Gathering with the whole family, they launched any improvised means, as a result of which the tree was unique in every house. Today, in a simple master class, it will be shown how to make cotton toys in the simplest and most affordable way. Using the mushroom as an example, the whole technology is clearly shown. By learning how to make simple shapes, in the future you can sculpt more complex shapes.

Will need

The following materials were used in the work:

  • - cotton wool

  • - PVA glue,

  • - newspaper

  • - food foil,

  • - threads

  • - acrylic paints,

  • - water

  • - brushes

  • - welding

  • - twine

  • - Super glue.

Making a Christmas toy from cotton

From old newspapers we form a hat and a mushroom leg.

We connect them together using foil, giving the mushroom the desired shape.

We take cotton wool, tear off thin strips from it and begin to wrap the figure. We pull each layer of cotton with a thread, trying to make the layers as tight as possible. So we apply layer by layer until the future mushroom acquires the correct proportions.

To hide the threads and finally align the shape, use glue. We dilute PVA with water in a ratio of 1: 1 and glue our mushroom with the same thin strips of cotton wool. We increase the cotton mass until we close all the threads.

Now the figure needs to be dried. This can take several hours or even a day.

It's time to paint a cotton toy. You can work with watercolor, but it is better to use acrylic paints. To make the mushroom look more natural, acrylic must be diluted with PVA glue. The paint will become more transparent, like watercolor, but at the same time due to glue it will give additional density to the wool. The hat is painted in brown, and the leg is very slightly tinted. Again we send the product to dry for thirty minutes. When the mushroom dries, lower the leg in glue and dip it in the tea leaves.

Our Christmas toy made of cotton is almost ready. To hang it on the Christmas tree. It is necessary to attach a loop to the hat. We make a loop of twine and glue it with superglue. Now our fungus is completely ready for that. To take part in the New Year decoration