DIY winter decor

In the warm season, the house or apartment can be decorated with fresh flowers and other natural materials. They collected the composition, and the room became beautiful. And what about winter? How to decorate the room so that it is elegant, and stylish, and creative? Pine cones will come to the rescue. An outing into the forest should be done in the fall, preferably before the onset of cold weather. And collect more cones. At home, they need to be laid out in one layer near the battery and dried. When the flakes become brittle, it will mean that the material is ready for use. Dried cones should be painted with white paint from a spray can. Work should be in the utility room or at least on the stairwell. After the paint is completely dry, you can begin to work.

Try to make such a spiral

It looks amazing, but it takes a lot of effort to create it.

First, take a piece of MDF and cut from it a circle with a diameter of 1 meter. At this stage, it is better to seek help from a man.

Then in the circle you need to make holes, arranging them in a spiral. You should start from the center, gradually moving towards the edge. To make the spiral neat, pre-draw pencil marks for the holes (the approximate amount is 100). If you have never used a building power tool, hire a man again. He knows exactly how to handle a drill.

Then cover the circle with the same white paint that remained after painting the cones. Then glue 1 long thread into each hole. The ends of the threads are fixed to the circle with hot silicone from a heat gun. Pass 1 blue bead into each thread and lock at the base. The frame is ready!

Now you need to fix the bumps. Find the center thread and cut it as short as possible. To the end, glue the pine cone with the tip down. Moving in a spiral, find the second thread and cut it 5 cm longer than the first. Glue the bump to the end of the thread. So gradually move on, sticking on natural material.

When the central part is formed, glue the bumps onto the threads in a circle. Previously, all remaining threads need to be cut to the same length.

It turns out here is such a magnificent craft that literally attracts the eye.

Balls in flower pots

If you still have cones, then from them you can make balls in a cache-pot.

To do this, take a white plastic container and stick a rubber ball in the center. Then paste over it with cones. They are securely fixed with liquid nails.

The second ball can be made a little smaller.

A white Christmas tree and a snowman will perfectly fit into such a composition.

Now you know how you can decorate your room with ordinary pine cones.