Pickled watermelons for the winter

Pickled watermelon slices are an original treat. Having stood in the cellar all winter, they remain soft pink and the marinade does not lose its transparency. Traditional marinade spices form a stable flavoring bouquet. It turns out that pickled watermelon pulp is even tastier than fresh. Hot chili peppers envelop it with its pungency. I would like to eat not only the pink part of the slice, but also the white strip adjacent to the striped green peel.


watermelon - 2.5 kg, vinegar 9% - 100 ml, salt - 1 tbsp. l., sugar - 3 tbsp. l., hot pepper - 1/4 pod, sweet peas - 1 tsp, black peas - 1/2 tsp, clove buds - 1/2 tsp, dry dill rosette - 2 pcs., blackcurrant leaves - 3-4 pcs.

Cooking sequence:

1. Marinated well-ripened watermelons, which are cut with a distinct crunch. You can not look for particularly sugar varieties, choosing watermelons with the usual moderately sweet.

2. The watermelon is washed thoroughly for a long time under running water so that the slices can be pickled with the peel. Watermelon pulp is first cut into large longitudinal slices, and then divided into triangles.

3. In a sterilized three-liter jar put dried dill rosettes, in this form they are better suited for watermelon marinade. Prepared peas of peppers, clove buds, currant leaves are thrown into a jar. A quarter of the large pod of hot pepper is cut off, the seeds are cleaned, red pulp is cut into large rings.

4. Fill the jar with watermelon pieces, trying not to crinkle or squeeze the pulp.

5. Watermelon slices pour boiling water, cover the jar with a sterilized lid and leave for 15-20 minutes.

6. Measure the required amount of salt and sugar, put in a pan.

7. The jar is covered with a perforated plastic lid, poured all the water into the pan. Put the pan on the stove, boil the liquid for 2-3 minutes over high heat.

8. 100 ml of vinegar are poured into a jar of watermelons.

9. Pour watermelons with hot marinade, roll up a jar.

10. The can is turned over, wrapped in a blanket, left for a day.

11. The shelf life of pickled watermelons is 1 year, the harvest should be in a cool, dry place.

12. If you decide to make a jar for testing, you can open the workpiece 5-6 days after seaming, during which time a sharp and spicy taste of watermelon pulp will form.

13. Spicy pickled watermelons are served chilled, an open jar is stored in the refrigerator.