Simple three-voltage power supply

I decided to make from a computer power supply, a power supply for several voltages. There are many designs on the World Wide Web. In China, there are also ready-made solutions, such as prefixes to the computer's power supply. I, having collected a certain number of repaired blocks, made my own version. I did not see this option on the network, so I started assembling it.

Power supply assembly

As a basis, I took a 350 W computer power supply. The block provides, at maximum, the currents I need, even with a margin.

Switching the output voltage, I will produce using a car fuse. In China, I acquired fuse holders. Protective caps come with holders. I will use one fuse for the current I need, most likely 10 amperes.

Output terminals purchased in China. They are not expensive. You can apply any. I have what are called bananas.

The network switch for me is the T3 toggle switch. You can apply any convenient. I have a lot of these, so I use them everywhere. Their only drawback is a long lever.

The front panel is made of PVC. Very good plastic, it’s convenient to work with it. You can use any plastic. The dimensions of the front panel are 147 * 83 mm.

The indicator of work is the LED. I connected it to the 5 Volt attendants. The LED is connected through a 150 ohm resistor.

On the panel of their PVC, I mark out all the holes and the cutout. I cut and drill everything. It turns out a little bit crooked, but not critical, not for sale, after all. I duplicate holes and cutouts on the front wall of the PSU case.

I’ll paint the panel in black. After drying, I fasten the panel and all components. I screw the board. I solder the wires to the fuses.

Bottom-up, from 3.3 Volts to 12 Volts. Black wire to output terminal. In order not to lead the wires in the heap, I spent the yellow wire in the radiator, bending one edge of the radiator.

I solder the wires from the network connector to the network toggle switch. From the toggle switch wires to the PSU board. I also connect the fuse outputs together. Wire from their connection to the positive terminal. I solder the LED.

The lid of the power supply is painted in blue, you can not paint.

I screw the lid. Here's a power supply for work, I did it. Output voltage switching

rearranging the fuse. Most likely I will use a 5 amp fuse, I will have enough current.