Simple revision of the grinder for easy loosening of the nut

With frequent use of angle grinders, everyone has probably at least several times encountered the problem of biting the disc, when it is simply impossible to unscrew the clamping nut. By applying effort, you can bend the key included in the kit, pull out its antennae or break the gear lock button. This can be avoided if you first take care of the simple completion of the tool.

Required Tools

To remake the clamping system you will need:

  • open-end wrench at 17;

  • spanner 36;

  • crosshead screwdriver;

  • hacksaw or emery;

  • file.

To facilitate the work, it will not be superfluous to have an additional grinder. If it is not, then you can perform work on cutting and sharpening with emery. An ordinary hacksaw and file are also suitable.

Modification of the nut and gear shaft

The first step is to redo the clamping nut tightening the disk. It is trimmed or grinded under the open-end wrench at 36.

After finalizing the nut, it is necessary to remove the protective cover on the grinder. Usually it is fixed with a Phillips screwdriver. Less often it can be untwisted with a hex wrench.

Having got rid of the casing, it is necessary to turn the turn-out shaft turning out of the gearbox to 17. Usually it already has a factory groove on it, but it is made too narrow, so the standard key does not capture it. If there is a spare grinder, then a groove can be made without removing the shaft. When working with an emery or file, you still have to remove it.

Now the tightly pressed disk can be twisted with two strong keys 17 and 36. At the same time, the lock button is not needed at all.

Cutting off the nut to the standard 36 mm, the factory holes on it under the standard key with antennae will remain intact. Thanks to this, it will be possible to quickly put and remove discs with its help, and in case of biting, use a more durable tool.