Universal heaters of a new generation

In the following article, the properties, scope and features of applying modern insulation of a new generation will be examined in detail. As an example, and not for advertising purposes, products of the Polynor brand are chosen - a one-component polyurethane foam insulation, which is sold in standard aerosol cans. They can be freely purchased at almost any hardware store at a fairly reasonable price.

The specified spray can is equipped with a special nozzle for uniform spraying of insulation on a vertical, horizontal or inclined surface, as well as a special angular nozzle for spraying on the ceiling, but it is not included in the kit and must be purchased separately. Also, for the application of polyurethane insulation, a conventional mounting gun is required.

With the approach of winter colds, many people begin to think about warming their residential square meters, whether it is a ready-made place of residence or a new house under construction. This is especially important in regions with severe climatic and weather conditions.

Today, new building materials regularly appear on the market that can quickly protect any building from freezing and, in addition, from annoying noise, the source of which is inside or outside the building.

The same modern insulation consists of polyurethane foam, which is environmentally friendly, safe and harmless to humans, animals, the environment and nature. This insulation does not emit any hazardous substances, so it can be used in any room without any restrictions and preconditions.

You can use insulation, both indoors and outdoors - on balconies, loggias, ceilings, roofs, in basements and in containers for various purposes - this type of insulation can be used everywhere.

This material is not afraid of moisture and is completely uninteresting for small domestic rodents. It is quite durable and can guaranteedly last 50 years without losing its original characteristics. This is several times more than mineral wool, which is familiar to everyone, the life of which is only 10 years, and then subject to the exact observance of the technological process of laying it. This polyurethane foam insulation can be applied without any preliminary preparation and completely independently.

Application of insulation

It is enough to shake the can before applying it, and its temperature should be in the range from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. If the work is carried out in cool weather or in an unheated room in winter, it is necessary to pre-heat the cylinder by lowering it in warm water with the appropriate temperature.

It is possible to apply insulation with equal success, both on a horizontal and a vertical surface.

A special nozzle creates directional spraying. Recommended application layer at a time is 50 mm. In this case, one spray is enough for 1.2 square meters. m. If the thickness of the application of insulation material is reduced to 30 mm, then the coating area will increase to 2 square meters. m

The work of applying polyurethane foam insulation is within the power of any person. Even a housewife or a young girl who almost never dealt with construction work can handle it. The only thing required is to wear safety glasses.

It should be noted that the polyurethane foam insulation discussed here after complete polymerization becomes completely inert with respect to water, both of technical origin and atmospheric, as well as to air. Fungi and mold cannot form and cannot develop on its surface.

The only limitation on its use is UV protection.

In conclusion, I still want to note that before applying any insulation, including polyurethane foam, the surface should be cleaned of dust, oil and grease deposits, as well as a peeling layer, for example, old peeling plaster or paint.