Baked crucian in salt

A simple way to cook delicious fish. The fish baked in salt turns out fragrant and juicy. Do not be afraid that it will be salted. The fish will be moderately salty. She will take salt as much as she needs.


Essential ingredients for baked whole crucian carp.


  • - crucian carp - 1 pc. (0.5 kg);

  • - egg white - 1 pc.;

  • - lemon - ½ pcs.;

  • - greens (rosemary, parsley or dill) - several branches;

  • - lettuce - 2 pcs.;

  • - salt - 0.5 kg;

  • - water.

Time: 60 minutes

Yield: 2 servings.

Cooking crucian in salt

We take fish weighing at least 0.5 kg. In this case, crucian carp. We clean the crucian from scales. Then be sure to remove the gills from the head of the fish. Then we cut the crucian abdomen, remove the insides. We wash the cavity of the abdomen, cleaning out the black film from there.

Inside the crucian carp’s abdomen we place sliced ​​lemon slices and greens (by the way, you can put chopped vegetables in addition to greens and lemon inside the fish: for example, slices of tomato, onion or pumpkin). You do not need to salt the fish either inside or outside.

Now we prepare the baking salt in the crucian's oven. We take large salt. Break the raw chicken egg. Our yolk will go to another dish, and the egg white will be sent to the salt.

Now add a little water to the salt with protein.

Mix salt with protein and water. The result is a mass that, in consistency, is similar to loose snow. Such a salt mass will be perfectly retained on fish.

A small portion of the prepared salt is spread in a thin layer on a baking sheet.

We spread the crucian stuffed with greens and lemon on the salt.

We spread all the remaining salt on the crucian carp. We cover all crucian carp with a continuous layer of salt mass.

We put crucian carp in salt in a preheated oven.

We bake whole crucian in the oven at t = +200 ⁰C. Bread (weighing 0.5 kg) is baked in salt in the oven for 30 minutes. After which, taking out a baking sheet with crucian from the oven, we cool the fish directly in salt.

Then we get the fish out of the salt shell. To do this, break the crust of salt baked on top of the fish by tapping it with a knife. Cracks form on the salt shell, after which this shell is easily removed in large pieces.

Having freed the fish from salt, crush the remaining salt from it. We spread the whole crucian on a large dish, decorating it with greens, slices of tomatoes and lemon.

After cutting the skin on top of a whole baked crucian carp, we spread each juicy and delicious fish pulp on a plate. In the serving plates next to the fish, spread the greens and slices of lemon. If vegetables were placed in the belly of a crucian carp before baking, then we also lay out the vegetables on plates with fish.