Super log stove burns for more than 6 hours

This is just a find for tourists, fishermen, hunters or all those people who love to cook in nature. A fast rocket furnace that can be done in 5-10 minutes from any log. Such a miracle stove will burn for more than 6 hours! All this time, you can continuously cook food or just bask in the flame.

This is a good and fast design that will be useful not only in a hike, but also in a country house, picnic or if the lights and gas are cut off at home.

Will need

The requirements and necessary details are simply minimal:

  • Log.

  • Feather drill.

  • 3 nails.

You will also need a screwdriver, hammer, pliers.

Making a rocket furnace from a log

We find logs of medium thickness, or we cut a lying tree trunk, the benefit in the forest is full of such.

We take a cordless screwdriver with a feather drill with a diameter of 30-50 mm.

In the center of the log we drill a blind hole.

We drill all the way to go through the middle of a log. Shake the chips, it will no longer be useful.

Next, you need to drill a hole from the side, but so that the resulting channel meets the existing channel. This can simply be done by placing a drill on its side and noticing a drilled distance.

We drill, shake the sawdust.

Thus, in the log, a L-shaped channel should be obtained as in a jet furnace.

Drive in three nails from above.

Using pliers, bend the nails. It will be a stand for pots and pans.

Kindle the stove

Insert a dry wood chip into the hole on the side, until it stops.

Now we set fire to the hole and carefully insert it into the central hole.

Throw some more wood chips on top for kindling.

10-15 minutes and smooth and stable burning was outlined.

For the experiment, put a pot of water. Everything works perfectly.

The result of using the furnace

After six hours, the stove was still functioning and giving out enough heat, but putting dishes on it was now dangerous - the flame got to the nails.

In general, if you take a log thicker, you can increase the burning time of hours to 8 easily!

Such a stove can be made at home before the hike or made right on the hike, taking with you on a trip the necessary tool.

Instead of nails, in nature, you can use 3 small stones, or two thin trunks, laid parallel to each other.