How to just sharpen any razor

This is a very good way to save your money. Every person who shaves with a razor with interchangeable blades, such as a Gillette, knows very well how much one interchangeable cartridge costs. The price is truly cosmic, although the use is reusable, but in my opinion it is not worth it.

I will show an incredibly simple and at the same time super effective way to sharpen any razor or machine as easily as possible. Be it even one-time.

After such a simple sharpening, the blades will cut off the hairs just like the new cassette. Do not believe? I recommend checking it yourself.

Will need

  • Denim - the old jeans are the most.

  • Cardboard sleeve, any suitable: even from foil, even from toilet paper, even from cling film.

That's all.

Idle razor sharpening

The cardboard sleeve must be crushed a little and give it an oval shape.

This must be done so that the side stops do not interfere with the processing - sharpening of the blades.

Next, cover the sleeve with denim and align with your fingers.

And then everything is simple. For perfect sharpening, you need to walk along this tubercle with a razor 100-150 times.

The direction of movement of the machine is the opposite of movement when shaving, that is, the machine is moving forward.

We do it more than 50 times, then we change the direction of movement by 180 degrees so that the hairs on the jeans turn over and there is no “getting used to” the fabric. And we make another 50 movements in the opposite direction.

Pressing strongly should not be, if only a little bit. As a result, even visually the blades sparkled.

When using, the sharpened razor cannot be distinguished from just purchased. Here is such an incredibly simple tip that will save you a significant amount of your budget.

Naturally, you will not grind the same machine all your life, but I think that it will not be any problem to extend its service two, three or four times.

Make 100-150 movements on the jeans, believe me, the hand will not fall off - it’s business for 2-3 minutes and as a result you won’t have to throw money away.

You can look in more detail and clearly in the video clip for sharpening.