How to make a big "Kinder surprise"

How wonderful gifts for children for the New Year! What marketing ideas do not come up with in order to attract the attention of not only boys and girls, but, of course, their parents.

But we all know the steeper the packaging, the more expensive this pleasure will cost. It is also distressing that the content of the goodies themselves is unknown. Suddenly your baby’s allergy to this sweetness, or doesn’t like at all with such a filling ...

Let's not spoil the holiday! See how you can make a magical, amazing package with your own hands, and collect a gift only from your child’s favorite toys, sweets, chocolates and so on!

By the way, such a gift with unknown content for you in stores costs from 1 thousand rubles and above. Save, make according to our sketches and your child will receive an exclusive and unforgettable gift for the fabulous New Year!

Will need

To create such an unusual gift wrapping box, you will need:

  • Balloon;

  • clean sheets a4;

  • Newspapers

  • PVA glue;

  • water;

  • tassels;

  • paints;

  • scissors;

  • pencils and felt-tip pens:

  • “Kinder surprise” lettering printed on the printer and a picture (optional).

Getting Started Making a Big Kinder Surprise Egg

1. First you need to inflate a balloon to the desired size of the future Kinder egg. Tie the tip of the ball with thread or rope. Put on the stand - an empty bowl. Cut the paper into squares.

2. To get a strong finished egg-packing, you need to glue 6-7 layers of paper. The first layer is paper soaked in water so that the ball then departs well from the dried paper from the inside. Overlap each other with pieces without gaps. You can moisten the ball with a brush and apply leaves, or you can drop the pieces of paper in turn into a bowl of water.

3. When the entire ball is covered with paper, it is necessary to start the next layer 2 using adhesive. If the adhesive is concentrated (thick) - dilute with a small amount of water. The technique of pasting is the same. The first 2 layers use white paper. This is done so that the inside of the egg is also white. Allow these layers to dry slightly. You can remove the ball closer to the battery.

4. After about an hour, you can start the next two layers from the newspaper. It is glued easier than paper. Then again let it dry a little.

5. We also paste over the fifth layer with a newspaper, and the remaining 1-2 layers with white paper.

6. As the last layer was pasted and given time to dry, you can untie the threads on the ball and blow it off and remove it from the egg. Glue the remaining hole with sheets of paper.

7. Now you can start decorating. You can paint the entire surface with white paint so that the joints of the paper are less noticeable.

8. After the paint has dried, draw a wave and droplets on the bottom of the egg with a simple pencil. Red paint to decorate this part.

9. While the surface is dry, you can find on the Internet the inscription "Kinder surprise" and a picture. If the printer is color, you just need to print, cut and paste the picture. If black and white - then you need to decorate it. Or instead of a picture, use a photo of a child to make a personalized gift. This is a great option if the family has several children. You can draw and write pictures and wishes on the egg yourself.

10. It is necessary to make a door on the back side, to make ties. To do this, carefully cut this door with a sharp kitchen or clerical knife. With a knife or awl, make holes on the opening part and vice versa. Thread each into a string or lace and tie into a bow.

It remains only to fill the egg with sweets, gifts, toys and put under the Christmas tree.

Such packing eggs are perfect not only for gifts for the New Year, but also for the birthday of the child.