Metallic crepe paper herringbone

This handmade small artificial Christmas tree will be an excellent decoration of the office table for the New Year. It can also be placed on the windowsill or on the coffee table in the apartment. Such a decorative Christmas composition will be an excellent replacement for a large Christmas tree. It does not take up much space, but it can be “dressed up” with real Christmas tree decorations.


  • crepe metallized paper - green;

  • wooden skewer;

  • double sided tape;

  • weaving wire;

  • Styrofoam;

  • plastic pot for seedlings;

  • Christmas tinsel and Christmas toys.

Christmas tree manufacturing instructions

We cut metallized creped paper into strips 2-3 cm wide (across the creases on the paper). On each strip, we make transverse cuts with scissors, not reaching the edge of 2 mm.

A piece of wire of about 10 cm begins to wrap a paper strip (fringe out). We fix the tip with a small piece of double-sided tape.

In this way, you need to make a spruce twig of paper. The edge of the wire is left a few centimeters free.

We make branches of different lengths: for the crown - 3 - 5 cm, for the middle - 5 - 8 cm, lower - 10 cm. You can make them bifurcated, this will make the Christmas tree more fluffy.

We will collect the Christmas tree on a wooden skewer. We wrap one end of it with a paper strip a few centimeters. We fix the paper with double-sided tape. In this place, we begin to wind short spruce twigs with their free wire ends.

Gradually add longer branches.

To hide the wire and the wooden skewer, cut off a thin (0.5 cm) strip of green crepe paper. Wrap it with a skewer. We start from the crown, gradually descending to the base of the trunk.

In a small plastic pot we insert a circle of foam. Cut it to the size of the upper edge of the pot. To make the fir tree stable, you can put a load inside (stones, sand, salt).

Insert the free edge of the skewer on which the Christmas tree holds onto the center of the foam circle. Perhaps the skewer will need to be shortened a little.

We straighten Christmas tree branches and paper "needles".

The foam is covered with tinsel. You can decorate the Christmas tree with the help of small Christmas balls and "rain".

Creating such a Christmas tree takes a lot of time. But the process is quite simple. You can bring a child to work. He will surely enjoy such an undertaking. And after the Christmas tree can be attributed to the New Year's school exhibition.