New Year's multi-colored meringues on skewers

Meringues on skewers - light airy candies consisting of egg whites, citric acid and sugar. Colorful sweets will make up an elegant composition that can be put on the festive table. Not only children will appreciate such a sweet surprise, adults are also happy to make out the pyramid with goodies. After dancing it’s so nice to sit in a chair, take a meringue on a skewer in one hand, and a glass of cool champagne in the other.


  • egg whites - 3 pcs.,

  • sugar - 150 g

  • citric acid - at the tip of a knife,

  • helium dyes.

Meringue preparation sequence:

1. Meringues are tinted with food helium dyes. If you do not stock up on such paints, then you can bake one-color meringues. Having been in the oven, white meringues become creamy and look nice against the background of colorful Christmas balls.

2. It is convenient to beat chilled proteins, so the eggs are kept in the refrigerator until work begins on the dessert. Squirrels are separated from the yolks in any convenient way, you can do this at the time of breaking the eggs. The second option: the eggs are gently broken and lowered into a bowl, and then, with a tablespoon, they alternately raise and pick up all the yolks.

3. In prepared proteins there should not be a single drop of yolk.

4. Proteins are whipped with a blender for 3 minutes until a thick, stable foam appears.

5. Add citric acid and half of the indicated amount of sugar. Beat for 5 minutes, pour out the rest of the sugar, beat for another 5 minutes.

6. The finished protein mass should be dense, all grains of sugar dissolve completely.

7. A disposable triangular cooking bag is opened, 3 stripes are drawn on the inner surface of the bag with a blue helium dye. Fill the bag with whipped proteins.

8. Baking paper is laid on a baking sheet, the protein mass is squeezed out of the packets, forming spiral circles. You can form meringues on a paper-covered cooking board, and then carefully transfer the paper sheet to a baking sheet. A skewer is inserted into each meringue, moving the stick to the very top, the sharp tip should remain below.

9. Take a new bag, inside spend 3 stripes with a yellow helium dye. Fill the bag with proteins, squeeze the mass. When all the proteins are on the baking sheet, turn on the oven at 130 degrees. Meringues on skewers are baked for 2-3 hours. Meringues can be obtained when they completely lose their stickiness: they become dry and light.

10. From the meringues on skewers it is easy to arrange a New Year's composition. A rectangular piece of polystyrene is cut off, stick-sticks are stuck into it.

11. String small plastic balls onto skewers. Fluffy "rain" mask the foam base.

12. In a dry room, meringues do not spoil for a long time. The room can be decorated with a sweet composition a week before the holiday.