Cleaning contacts after battery leakage

Such a nuisance happens quite often for everyone who uses devices with batteries. Most often, the batteries leak in the remote control panels of the TVs. This defect is very much inherent in cheap salt elements, which, according to the claimed characteristics, have been used for quite some time, although they usually do not withstand even half the service life. Although there are quite some cases when this is deceived and quite expensive brands. As a result, part of the battery compartment is flooded with electrolyte, the contacts connected to the elements are oxidized.

Well, okay, if you’ve already been in a similar situation, then you should not despair - everything is fixable.

Will need

Pre-prepare the following components, there are almost every house:

  • Paper napkin.

  • A few cotton buds.

  • A piece of wool or any other coarse cloth.

  • Baking soda.

  • Table vinegar.

  • Glassware for mixing.

Getting started cleaning contacts

So, open the battery compartment and remove the batteries. It is impossible to throw them out just like that with household waste. Therefore, pack them in a plastic bag or other container and take them to the places of reception, they are in every city.

In all your manipulations it is very advisable to use safety glasses and gloves, since the liquid leaked from the batteries is acid or alkali, depending on the type of element. If it gets on your skin or eyes, it will cause a burn, so take care of protection in advance.

Next, take a glass container and pour 20 ml of vinegar into it. Add half a teaspoon of soda.

If the liquid from the batteries spilled a lot - first we collect it with a paper towel. Then we wet the cotton shelf with the solution and wipe it with all the places where the electrolyte got. This solution neutralizes the effects of both acid and alkali.

Do not wet the battery compartment strongly - the solution can enter through the slots into the inside of the device, which is definitely not desirable.

Wipe the contacts with a cotton bud repeatedly. Then you can grind them with a piece of wool.

Now wipe everything with a dry cloth, insert new batteries and check the operation of the device. Good luck