DIY folding table for fishing

Going fishing, you have to get by with minimal equipment. During long fishing it is very inconvenient to constantly bend to the ground to take bait, bait or other equipment. I suggest that you can quickly make cheap table light materials, weighing only 1.5 kg and carrying capacity 10 kg.

Materials spent

To make the table I used:

  • polypropylene water pipe - 2 m;

  • aluminum tube d 8 mm - 2 m;

  • pipe clips - 22 pcs.;

  • food container with a lid capacity of 1 l;

  • lid for plastic box 510x380 mm;

  • furniture fixing corners - 4 pcs .;

  • plugs for pipes - 4 pcs.;

  • packing of M4 screws with nuts and washers;

  • M5 dowels with self-tapping screws - 8 pcs.

Making a folding table

As a countertop, a plastic lid for the container will be used. To make the legs, you need to cut a polypropylene water pipe into 4 pieces of 50 cm.

First you need to make mounts for the legs of the table. To do this, you need to fix the clips of water pipes to the furniture mounting corners. They already have holes, so you just need to tighten everything with a screw and nut and washers. The resulting mount is placed at the corners of the lid, and marks are made for the holes. They are burned with a hot awl. After that, the supports are fixed on the countertop.

After the mounts are ready, the legs can be put in place.

Next, you need to install spacers to add stability. To do this, cut the aluminum pipe into pieces of suitable length. It is best that the spacers are slightly larger, then the legs will become more stable.

At the ends of the tubes you need to hammer the dowels. Then clips are screwed to them with the help of wood screws.

The table is almost ready. It remains to slightly improve the design. At the ends of the legs you need to press in the plugs to protect against dirt.

In order to be able to fold the removed legs under the countertop, 4 clips along the narrow edge must be fixed on it. The lid burns holes for fastening clips with screws.

Now, under the countertop, you can lay diagonal aluminum struts diagonally, and clamp the legs themselves in clips.

For convenience, I also fixed 2 clips on a small food container. They have a different direction of the antennae. The vertical clip makes it possible to fix the tray when carrying, clinging to its leg. Horizontal allows you to cling the container to the unfolded table in order to conveniently get the bait.