How to increase traction of a vacuum cleaner with a bag

Samsung vacuum cleaners are widespread. They do a good job of their mission and are not too expensive. As you know, in mass production adhere to the principle: excellent - the enemy of the good. Of course, you can take the path of increasing constructive improvement, but this will lead to higher cost of the product and its less competitiveness.

So, in the world-famous vacuum cleaners during operation, individual shortcomings are detected, leading to a decrease in their technical and operational characteristics.

So, the dust bag, filling up during operation, begins to block the hole in the partition between the suction fan and the vacuum chamber, which is connected with a corrugated hose and a tube to the cleaning brush. Structurally, this hole is covered with a piece of thick foam to prevent dust from entering the fan.

As a result, as the dust bag is filled with debris, the suction capacity of the vacuum cleaner begins to gradually decline and, in the end, can completely disappear. What can be done in this case?

Ways to refine the design of the vacuum cleaner

The idea of ​​getting rid of this drawback found in the vacuum cleaner is understandable. It is necessary to prevent the suction port from being blocked by a dust bag as it is filled. In other words, there should always be a small gap between them for free air intake.

To this end, a sufficiently rigid (metal or plastic) grate is installed in front of the suction opening on the side where the garbage container is located, which will not bend under the influence of air flow and pressure of the bag filled with garbage.

It is she who will be guaranteed to create the required clearance.

Another disadvantage noted in this vacuum cleaner is associated with the connecting element of the flexible hose. When it is fixed on the latch in the vacuum cleaner case, its tube does not extend beyond the inner wall of the chamber in which the dust collector is installed.

As a result, it turns out that a significant proportion of the intake air passes the bag to collect dust and, flowing around it, leaves the vacuum cleaner without any benefit. How to cope with such a disadvantage?

To do this, you need to take a piece of plastic tube of the appropriate diameter and length, which should be sufficient to enter the hole of an empty bag.

We insert this piece of tubule into the hole of the connecting element, put it on a suitable glue, wait for it to dry and the household appliance is ready for use. After such refinement, all the dirty air that is drawn in falls into the bag and there dust and debris completely settle.

To expand the capabilities of the vacuum cleaner, if only one brush is included, nozzles from other brands of vacuum cleaners can be used. Perhaps, with some not burdensome refinement, which almost anyone can handle.

Moreover, during the operation of the modified vacuum cleaner, one more advantage was discovered: it continues to regularly remove dust even with a crowded bag. Such is the suction force that causes the garbage to compact in the container.

Good ideas usually have many useful manifestations. The data, for example, almost completely traps the dust that settles in the dust collector, and the exhaust air does not pollute the engine, in particular its bearings and brushes, which wear less. Also, the load on the electric motor is reduced, since the hole behind the anther does not overlap.

The only thing to keep in mind is that before you remove the bag from the vacuum cleaner, you must disconnect the flexible hose. But the dust collector compartment always remains clean and there is no need to remove dust from it, which is not so simple because of its configuration and the presence of stiffeners.

Two concluding remarks

The choice of plastic mesh will protect the vacuum cleaner body from scratches. When using a metal mesh, rubber or plastic strips can be attached to its edges in an affordable way.

For bonding parts made of plastic, epoxy or polyurethane glue is often used. The connection in this case will not be too strong and durable. From time to time the procedure will have to be repeated.

To glue, or rather dissolve and solder the plastic, you should first find out its type. Then find a suitable solvent. But as a result, the connection will turn out “tightly”.