Numbers for birthday from napkins

Such a significant event as a birthday, I always want to celebrate with a bang. And holiday design plays a key role here. Beautiful and voluminous DIY birthday figures are a popular element of decor. The numbers will give a chic look and a special atmosphere to any celebration. And what photos turn out on their background - just a class! Making the scenery is very simple. And a step-by-step instruction with a photo will help in this.

We will need:

  • napkins of any color (it is advisable to use at least two shades);

  • instead of napkins, you can take pressed paper;

  • scissors, stapler;

  • PVA glue.

Instructions for the production of flowers from napkins:

1. We take a napkin in the folded form in which it is sold.

2. Fold it in half.

3. Then again in half. It turns out a little square.

4. In the center we fix it with a stapler.

5. Cut around the edge.

6. Raise the napkin layers up.

Instructions for making flowers from paper:

1. Open the roll of pressed material. We cut it into large squares according to the size of the napkin.

2. Fold the cut shape in half once and divide along the fold into two parts. Now take each half and fold twice - exactly the same as you did with a napkin. Only from the same format of matter do we get two blanks for a flower.

3. Why do we cut the square in half before folding? The thing is that paper is denser than a napkin. To get flowers that are approximately equal in volume, we use only half the size of the pressed material to make them.

4. We fix the paper blanks with a stapler, cut off the edges and open the layers of the figure, giving it a beautiful shape.

5. The decorative base of the numbers is ready. It remains to glue the parts to the base part - the foam molds that must be pre-cut. They can also be made from cardboard boxes.

Glue the flowers on the surface of the numbers using PVA. The order of colors is up to you. How it turned out for me - look at the photo. After completing the process, let the glue dry thoroughly, forgetting the numbers for the night.