How to simply remove a stump without uprooting

This method is not time-consuming, does not require a lot of effort or specialized equipment from you. Using this method, you alone can easily remove at least a dozen stumps from your site. In fact, there is no secret of removal here. We just burn the stump from the inside.

Due to the use of open fire, this process has a drawback: it cannot be used in places where fire cannot be made. Namely, near gas pipelines, houses, high-voltage lines, etc.

But in this way you can remove absolutely any stumps in size and condition: raw or rotten.

Will need

  • Hammer drill, drill or screwdriver with a long drill on wood.

  • 100-200 ml. kerosene, diesel fuel or any kind of ignition for coal.

  • 0.5 meter section of HB tissue.

This, in principle, is all that is needed, not much, is it ....

Remove stump with fire

At the beginning we drill in the center of the stump a vertical hole as far as it will go, as far as the drill allows.

Then we drill a deep hole at an angle so that it connects inside with the first hole.

If you look from above and drill the side, you can see the intersection and exit of the drill. Because to feel the intersection manually, when using a powerful punch, is quite problematic.

Pour 100-200 diesel into the hole. You can use the ignition for coal, which is usually used for cooking barbecue. I do not recommend using gasoline - it will quickly burn out.

From the HB fabric we make a kind of wick. Wet the strip with ignition and lower it into the hole.

We set fire to the remaining end of the wick.

While it flares up, we make several more holes on different sides, for better air access.

If the stump does not flare up the first time, add some dry branches to the hole and repeat the ignition.

A little later, stable burning was outlined.

After 4 hours, the base clearly burned out inside the stump.

He flared up more when the breeze blew.

The stump burned and smoldered almost all night. On the morning of the next day there was such a picture. It turned out something like a crater from a meteorite. It can be covered with fresh chernozem to ensure good grass growth.

This is not necessary, but I decided to make a fire in this place in order to burn unnecessary branches left from the sawn tree and at the same time burn the roots in the ground.

I am satisfied with the result.