Chicken fillet balyk

A very elegant dish, in appearance and taste something reminiscent of a balyk of noble varieties of fish, but, surprisingly, it is very simple to prepare. Chicken fillet balyk does not require any cooking or smoking, but only time to marinate and stew.

A huge plus of this dish is that all meat vitamins remain unchanged and are not destroyed due to the lack of thermal effects.

Balyk considers a low-calorie dish. And if all proportions of salt are correctly observed, then it can be considered almost dietary.

A good balyk is obtained only on 3-4 days, although it can already be eaten on 2 days.


  • a) chicken fillet - 2 halves,

  • b) coarse salt - 3 tbsp. spoons

  • c) turmeric - 6 g,

  • g) paprika - 6 g,

  • d) chili pepper - 3 g,

  • e) a mixture of different peppers - 6 g,

  • g) dry red wine - 30 ml,

  • h) cognac - 20 ml.

Cooking a chicken balyk:

1. Rinse and dry the fillet. Make a salt mixture with all the spices and smear it with fillets on all sides.

2. Add wine, brandy, so that all areas of the future balyk get wet.

3. Transfer the marinade fillet to a tray with a lid and send it to the refrigerator.

4. After 12 hours, remove the balk and pat it with a paper towel.

5. 3 cm away from the edge, thread a twine.

6. Hang the chicken balyk on the refrigerator door.

7. Cover the meat with gauze and leave to dry for 48-72 hours.

8. The longer the chicken stays in the refrigerator, the denser the balyk will be. After a couple of days, you can already take the first test. For long-term storage, the chicken balyk needs to be wrapped in foil and hidden in a freezer.

Usually thin sliced ​​balyk is associated with a holiday. But it’s perfect for a morning sandwich with butter.

Great appetizer. Tender and soft pieces of meat just melt in your mouth. Almost zero excess fat.

If you just keep the meat in the refrigerator after cooking, it is advisable in a plastic bag for no more than two weeks, although more accurate terms depend on the amount of salt. But I think such a yummy will go off with a bang, as the taste is really fantastic.

Try it, bon appetit!