Champagne in Christmas tree dress

Do not know how to make an original decoration for a New Year's table with your own hands? Then this master class is for you!

On each table on New Year's Eve there is a bottle of champagne, right? In order to present this seemingly familiar attribute of the holiday, I propose to make a New Year's outfit for him.

Will need

I prepare about 6 m of green satin ribbon 2.5 cm wide, golden braid, sewn rhinestones, red satin ribbon 2.5 cm, decor in the form of snowflakes, beads on a thread, stationery erasers, a needle with thread, two sheets of thick cardboard, glue, scissors, a pencil and a ruler.

Dress a bottle of champagne in the Christmas tree

I draw and cut out patterns from paper. I glue the neck and the base together (I used the covers from the album for drawing).

I glue the neck with a green ribbon.

Then cut the tape into strips of about 10 cm.

I fold each in half, coat with glue and apply to the base, form the first row. You can fix the so-called needles with the help of rubber bands for money.

I pass to the second row.

And so on to the top of the cylindrical part.

I decorate the collar of the outfit and the junction of the neck and skirts with a golden braid.

Under the stationery rubber band I am looking for a garland of beads.

I attach snowflakes to the needles.

For the crown, I cut a strip of cardboard 2.5 cm high and a length equal to the neck circumference. I lock it in a ring, glue it.

I paste over with a green ribbon.

Decorate with a golden ribbon. Now my Christmas tree is the queen of the New Year's table!

I sew a bow from a red ribbon, decorate it with a snowflake and stick it on the crown.

Forest beauty is ready! Plus, this outfit is not only in its originality, but also in practicality due to the fact that it is removable. It can be used for several years.