Decorating a balcony with siding and warming with techno-plex

One of the most popular materials for the exterior decoration of balconies is siding. This is due to the fact that this material is practical, durable, beautiful, and also quite convenient to install. In addition, this material is lightweight, and therefore does not create a large load on the plates. Now we will consider how it is possible to revet a balcony with a siding outside.

Balcony frame

Usually, in order to build up a balcony, or restore it, it is necessary to completely dismantle the balcony. In the case of building a balcony, welding is required.

This is a crucial stage that professionals must carry out, because if the welding fasteners are not reliable, trouble can occur. So, the frame must be assembled from a metal profile. When assembling this design, it is necessary to immediately plan the height at which the window will be located, and also to determine whether it is worth installing the windows in the side of the balcony, or will these walls be dull? After the frame is securely welded, you can begin to mount the siding. By the way, to prevent the formation of rust, the profile is best painted. So you make the design more durable.


First, pay attention to safety precautions. Since this work is performed at height, it is necessary to use insurance. In addition, you will have to work in a limited area, so organize your workplace correctly so that nothing bothers you and nothing falls down. So that there is something to attach the siding to, you can install vertical wooden planks to the profile. The thickness of the board is 1.5 - 2 cm. The wood must be processed in order to protect it from decay and other negative factors. To fix it, you need to drill holes in the board and in the profile. Use bolts to secure. The boards are mounted at a distance of 30 cm around the entire perimeter of the balcony.

Install siding panels from left to right. First, the angle is set, and after it is securely fixed with screws to the wooden plank, you can push the following panels into it.

All rows of siding are attached to wooden planks using self-tapping screws and a screwdriver. When carrying out this work, make sure that there are no gaps or swellings between the panels. It is necessary to precisely trim and assemble panels. Mount from bottom to top. When you have fully installed the entire siding line, fix the corner on the other hand. After that, you can proceed to the next row. This material can be trimmed with an electric jigsaw, or a hacksaw for metal.

Technoplex insulation

When the balcony is fully lined on the outside, it must be insulated inside. To do this, you can use technoplex. This material has good thermal insulation properties. First you need to insert the technolex sheet between the profiles, resting it against the inside of the siding. Further between the sheets of the technoplex, all the cracks are blown by the mounting foam. Then for an additional fastening, an expansion bolt shield is used, which will be attached to the same wooden planks. After that, with the help of mounting foam, a second layer of technolex is attached. It can also be fixed with a dowel with umbrellas. Use mounting foam with a gun, as it is not only convenient, but also economical.

Thus, you can insulate the balcony. After this, it is already possible to proceed with the installation of the window, and the internal putty of the walls.