4 ways to quickly peel onions without tears

You can quickly peel the onion in the usual way. But why, if you can do it without tears? I offer you four methods available to everyone that will significantly save your time and effort.

Onions are a healthy vegetable that cooks often use in fresh, pickled, fried, baked or boiled form. But when working with him there are several problems:

  • the peel is not removable;

  • the peel is removed in small parts;

  • the cleaning process takes a lot of time;

  • juice enters the eyes and causes irritation to the mucosa.

There are several tricks with which you can peel a vegetable crop quickly and without tears.

1 method "With the top layer"

If it is necessary to remove the husk very quickly, and at the same time leave the heads intact, then the shell is removed with the upper fleshy layer.

The secret of cleaning step by step:

1. Rinse the knife with cold water so that the juice does not spray in different directions.

2. Cut off the lower part with roots.

3. Cut off the top.

4. Make a longitudinal incision, cutting through the dry shell along with the upper juicy layer.

5. With a knife, pry the edge of the cut and remove the husk with the upper layer with your fingers.

2 way "In half"

If the integrity of the head does not matter, then it is easiest to clean it by cutting it in half. If in the future half needs to be crushed, then the base is not removed. When sliced, it will help keep the product in your fingers.

The cleaning process step by step:

1. With a sharp knife, cut the head in half.

2. Start to peel the top dry layer of the peel from the stems in a downward direction.

3. The roots do not cut.

In this case, the likelihood of eye irritation increases due to the number of incisions. Before work, you can put a glass of cold water next to it, periodically dipping a knife into it to wash off the onion juice.

3 way "in boiling water"

If whole heads of onions are doused with hot water, then the peel is removed very easily. Using this type of cleaning, it is important to correctly calculate the residence time of the vegetable in water so that it does not boil.

The process step by step:

1. Onion spread in a deep bowl. Water is boiled in a kettle. Once the water has reached a temperature of 100 degrees, vegetables are poured onto it. Water should completely cover all heads.

2. Onions are kept in boiling water for 1 minute and begin to peel. Cut off the top and bottom. After making a longitudinal incision.

3. The shell is easily removed directly with your fingers. To do this, it is pulled over the edge of the cut, removing in one motion.

Fourth: "Wet Way"

In the event that you need to peel more than a kilogram of onion, apply the wet method, but using cold water. You can’t leave the onions in boiling water for a long time, and it is very difficult to peel a bucket of onions in one minute.

How to clean:

1. Vegetables are placed in a convenient container, such as a bucket or a deep bowl.

2. Pour cold water.

3. Leave for 5 minutes to soak the skin.

4. After that, the peel is easily removed. It is enough to cut off the upper part and pull the edge.


Knowing the various methods of working with onions, you can use several secrets:

  • if you need to perform the process very quickly, it is better to remove the shell with the top layer;

  • if the task is to clear about a kilogram of the product, then you can safely pour vegetables with boiling water, and then quickly peel off;

  • if you need to clean just a couple of heads, then the “in half” method is suitable;

  • and in the case of working with very large volumes, the “wet method” with cold water is most suitable.

A video instruction is presented to your attention.