8 ways to sharpen scissors quickly

Eight different ways to sharpen your scissors simply and quickly without having any special tools or equipment. In fact, we will use available items that will help the scissors to find experienced sharpness and cut as before.

1. Sharpen scissors with a paper clip

We take the usual metal paper clip. The larger its size, the better.

The sharpening technology is as follows. We hold the tip of the paper clip with scissors.

And, squeezing the scissor knives a little, we hold a paper clip to the intersection of the knives.

Next, remove the paper clip. Repeat these steps 30-40 times. Corresponding notches appear on the paper clip.

2. We use the battery case

For sharpening, you can use a finger battery, but always in a metal casing.

All sharpening actions are done in the same way as in the clip example. Movements must be made from the tip of the scissors to the intersection.

3. Using sandpaper

In this example, we will use sandpaper. The smaller its grain size, the better. Better to take "null." Everything is very simple here. Cut it into thin strips. At this time, the sharpening of the blades occurs. Do not forget to turn the paper over to the other side so that the knives sharpen evenly, or just fold it in half.

After that, cut a napkin to smooth the surface.

4. Glass sharpens scissors

Any glass is considered a very hard material. We take a glass bottle and sharpen the blade about its neck. Notches should remain on the bottle.

Be careful as the glass breaks.

5. Use foil

We turn the usual food foil in 4-8 layers. As in the sandpaper example, we cut the foil into thin strips.

40-50 incisions should be enough.

6. Using a screwdriver

We take any screwdriver and rest it on a hard surface. We clamp the ends of the screwdriver with the tips of the scissors and push the scissors apart with a little effort. The operation is repeated 30-40 times.

7. Sharpen the file

We clamp the scissors in a vise in the form opened to the maximum.

Needle file pass along the cutting edge from the middle to the tip.

Sharpen each side separately. Instead of a file, you can use a grindstone.

8. We cut a metal sponge

Scissors can also be sharpened with a simple cut of a metal sponge for washing dishes.

After sharpening the scissors, be sure to remove wear products: metal chips. It will not be superfluous to lubricate the blades.