How to chop chicken

Poultry is often used in home cooking. It makes excellent dishes for a dietary, daily and festive table. Mistresses prefer to purchase exactly the whole carcass of the chicken, and then independently divide it into parts. It’s more profitable, because the price of fillets is 60-70% higher than a whole bird.

A few important points:

1. Poultry grown on a farm or at home is more suitable for preparing a tasty broth, jellied meat, baked dishes. Her meat is different in color, taste and fat content. The aroma during cooking is more intense and mouth-watering.

2. For the preparation of chopped meatballs, minced meat, stew for the daily menu, they usually take ordinary chickens grown in the poultry farm. Their weight ranges from one and a half to two kilograms.

Butchering the carcass of a farm chicken is somewhat more difficult, as its weight can be 4 - 5 kilograms. At the same time, the tendons and bones of such a bird are stronger, the flesh and skin are denser. But this task can be dealt with if you know the correct technology for deboning.

Preliminary preparation

A carcass of a large chicken or rooster bought for the holiday table needs additional processing. Since the feather was removed from it not by an industrial but by a manual method, hair and small feathers could remain on the skin. Using a gas burner or dry fuel, the carcass is scorched, paying particular attention to the legs and wings. Then rinse under cold water inside and out.

How to divide the chicken into parts

To cut a large bird you will need a large board. It is better to take one on which you can freely rotate the carcass, without fear that it will move to the table. You will also need a sharp knife. Size and shape do not matter, it is important that it is convenient and familiar to work with. You also need to prepare containers for soup set and separated components.

Step-by-step master class:

1. Lockers are separated from the carcass. They are not used for cooking, but they do not need to be thrown away. A wonderful rich broth will come out of them.

2. The wing, consisting of two halves, is separated from the carcass op joints.

3. Next, proceed to the legs. The chicken is laid on its back. An incision is made on the skin between the chest and leg. The meat is cut to the back, and after they turn the leg over the joint with the hands. This technique will allow you to see the place where the ham is attached to the body. It is in this place that you need to cut it.

4. The leg is divided into two components: the lower leg and thigh. Between them is clearly visible fat strip. An incision is made precisely along it, hitting a knife between the cartilages.

5. Poultry has a large fillet, from which juicy chops, rolls and even barbecue are obtained. It is cut in two parts, carefully separating from the frame. Fingers pass along the chest to feel for the central bone. A cut is made along it, removing the fillet.

6. The frame is divided into two halves, it is easily broken in half by hands. It is also sent to a container for cooking broth.

Note: pieces of leather, fat, wing flaps, skeletons - all this is suitable for the broth. Do not discard these parts as unnecessary. They are poured with 2 liters of cold water, 2 bay leaves are added, a head of onion in a peel, a clove of garlic, 5 to 7 peas of black pepper, a pinch of salt. Put on fire and do not close the lid. When the water boils, the fire is reduced. The broth is languishing over a very low fire for about two hours. Without a cover, it turns transparent, since condensation does not drip into it.

When the carcass is cut, proceed to cooking. But if all the meat is not cooked at one time, then the parts are put into the freezer, previously laid out in separate bags. For convenience, they can be signed.