Laminate Boomerang

After the repair, sometimes the remains of various building materials remain in the house, and I still have several strips of laminate flooring. How can these residues be used? A hot stand, a small cutting board in the kitchen, a shelf in the garage, I already did all this, but the laminate did not end there. The laminate flooring board is quite durable and at the same time it can be processed relatively easily, why not try to make a boomerang out of it. Making this toy will not take you much time and energy, and both adults and children will want to play with it.

So, I welcome you readers, in this article I invite you to find out how you can make a boomerang from the remainder of the laminate floor.

Will need

Necessary materials and tools:

  • - Laminate board approximate size 19x40 cm.

  • - Square.

  • - Ruler.

  • - A pencil.

  • - Jigsaw or jigsaw.

  • - File.

  • - Emery or grinding machine (optional, you can do everything manually).

Boomerang manufacturing process

The first thing to do is put a sketch of our future boomerang on the board. To do this, arm with a square, a ruler and a pencil. Ideally, we should get this form of boomerang.

For those who have a printer, you can try to print this picture and transfer it to the whiteboard. But it seemed to me that it would be easier to draw a sketch using a square than to play with the printer settings in order to fit the image size to the size of the board.

You need to attach the square in the center of the board so that the inside of the square is as high as possible.

Outline the inner corner and mark where the outer corner ends.

Turn the square over, align it with the drawn line, and repeat the previous operation again.

Thus, we drew an angle of 90 degrees and made some strange marks)) But in a boomerang, the angle should be about 107 degrees. In order to slightly expand our 90 degree angle, we need these marks.

Now you should connect the top of the drawn corner with the marks.

So we got the outer part of the future boomerang, the angle is certainly not exactly 107 degrees, but we don’t even run around Australia with this boomerang on a fast-footed ostrich and do not hunt kangaroos.

To form the inner part of the boomerang, one should retreat 5-6 cm from the drawn line and draw parallels.

Now you need to find out how long we get each side of the boomerang, for this you need to attach a ruler to the internal lines and measure the distance to the edge of the board. In my case, it turned out 19 cm from the center to the edge.

We make marks 19 cm from the center on all four lines.

Now you need to round off the central part, as well as the edges of the boomerang. For this, I use a special tool in the form of a cup for coffee. The diameter of the cup is 8cm.

For the inside of the boomerang, the circumference of the cup was not enough, so I had to use one more special tool.

We do the same with the edges, just put the glass on the mark and circle.

The final shape of the edges can be drawn by hand.

Now you can cut our toy. I used a jigsaw for this, but you can use a regular jigsaw or file.

In order for our boomerang not only to fly but also to return, its blades need to be given a wing profile, I used this scheme.

The point is that on one blade you need to grind the inner part and on the other blade the outer part. To do this, I again armed myself with a ruler, a pencil and began to draw. It is worth noting that he did everything by eye.

Now you need to grind off everything unnecessary, you can use the usual file for this, but I have an emery on my balcony, why not speed up the process?

When the main part of the material is removed, the final profile will need to be given using a file.

And do not forget about the wing profile.

That's probably all, the boomerang is ready, it remains only to check how it flies.

It is worth noting that in order for the boomerang to return, you need to be able to run it correctly. The boomerang should be launched in an upright position with the right hand, with a swing from behind the head, while holding it should be so that the convex part of the boomerang is on the side of the thumb.

It is worth saying that the game with a boomerang is addictive for a long time, you can spend more than one hour in the fresh air playing with this toy, but be extremely careful not to injure yourself and others. It is better to launch a boomerang in open non-human places.

This boomerang successfully passed the most severe tests, it fought against trees, shoved into the ground, got lost in the grass but remained not broken.

I want to add one more tip when you make this toy for yourself, do not be lazy and paint it in bright colors, because it can be very difficult to find a boomerang in the grass.