Curd cheese at home

Curd cheese is famous for its creamy-smooth, as if silky, structure. It is indispensable in the confectionery business, but for snack rolls, sandwiches - this is a real find. It is easy to turn it into cheese cheese, in Philadelphia.

However, the store cheese curd has a significant drawback - it costs too much. But there is a way out of this situation - to use the proposed recipe and prepare creamy curd cheese yourself, while saving a ton of money.

Although the total cooking time is quite long (24 hours), it takes a few minutes to directly participate in the process.


  • a) sour cream (not less than 25%) - 450-500 g,

  • b) fatty kefir - 500 g,

  • c) lemon juice - 1 teaspoon,

  • d) fine salt - 1 teaspoon (salt can be omitted for confectionery)

Cooking cottage cheese:

1. Drain sour cream and kefir into one container. Stir.

2. If the curd cheese is not used in the confectionery business, then salt the mixture. Add lemon juice. Again mix well the whole composition.

3. Now you need to build a structure so that the sieve or colander is hooked at a certain distance from the bottom of the dishes into which the whey will drain.

4. Line the sieve with cotton cloth or gauze folded in 6-8 layers, and their ends should hang down.

5. Pour the fermented milk mixture into cheesecloth.

6. Carefully raise the edges of the fabric and lay them evenly on top.

7. Establish oppression (approximately 1.5 kg). Move the entire structure to the refrigerator.

8. After a day, cottage cheese will form and acquire a viscous structure.

9. Put the finished product on a plate and drain the by-product - whey, which is also useful for pancakes or okroshka. Serum is obtained 320 ml.

10. Transfer the cream cheese into a container with a lid, weigh (net weight - 600 g) and put in the refrigerator.

In a cool place, creamy curd cheese is stored for up to 5 days. It can be modified with various fillers - herbs, pieces of ham, aromatic herbs, etc. In any form, such cheese, spread on bread, and even with a cup of coffee, will cause only pleasant sensations.