How to Pickle Mackerel at Home

What Russian feast will do without such a wonderful snack, like salted fish?

And it does not matter whether it is herring or herring, sprat or mackerel, pink salmon or salmon. The main thing is that there was something to make tasty sandwiches or what to serve with boiled or baked potatoes. And if you are also a fan of this product, then perhaps the recipe for salted mackerel will not be superfluous in your notebook of a reasonable hostess (or host). Such a fish will come in handy not only as a snack or as a complement to a potato garnish, but also for making mincemeat and various salads (“Herring under a fur coat, ” for example, or “Vinaigrette with herring”). By the way, you will need much less time to clean the mackerel, since it is less bony, unlike herring.

For salting, choose elastic fish carcasses of the same size without yellow spots and an unpleasant pungent odor. Defrost mackerel naturally (leaving it on the table), but not in a container of water.


  • fresh-frozen mackerel - 3 medium-sized carcasses weighing about 1.3 kg;

  • coarse salt - 60 gr. (2 tbsp. L.);

  • granulated sugar - 30 gr. (1 tbsp. L. With a slide);

  • purified water (i.e. drinking) - 1 liter;

  • ground coriander - a coffee spoon;

  • cloves - 5-6 buds;

  • allspice and black pepper - 12 peas each;

  • bay leaf - 4 pcs.

In addition, you can expand the list of ingredients by adding a cinnamon stick (or use a spice in the form of ground powder), lemon juice, dill (both fresh and dried), mustard seeds.

Cooking time - a total of 3 days. The process of salting takes no more than 30 minutes.

How to salt mackerel at home:

First of all, boil the water, throw all the spices into it, stir, leave to cool and insist. And so that the hot water cools faster, pour it (of course, along with spices) into a wide plate with sides and place it on the windowsill or take it out onto the balcony.

Clean each carcass of mackerel from the insides, cut off the tails and heads, rinse thoroughly under running water (of course, cold) and wipe thoroughly (paper napkins are ideal helpers in this matter). When purified, the weight of 3 fish will decrease by about 300 g.

Place the fish carcasses in a convenient container (it can be a glass form with high sides or an enameled pan) and pour the marinade that had cooled by then (or just slightly warm).

From above put a flat plate turned upside down, put on it oppression in the form of a seven-gram or liter can filled with water. Remove the resulting structure for three days in the refrigerator.

After three days, remove the fish from the marinade and pat the remaining liquid with napkins. Remove the skin from the carcasses, remove the spine and small bones.

Now it remains only to cut the fillet of light-salted mackerel into pieces and use it for its intended purpose (just put it on the table, spread it on a plate and sprinkle with a beam, or collect sandwiches from it).

Bon Appetit!